The global realities of Cybersecurity podcast series

The world of Cybersecurity is evolving constantly, from increasing legislation to a changing threat landscape. Join PwC experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities facing global organisations like yours, and learn about strategies and actions you can take to build a resilient organisation and drive secure growth.


Episode 1: Third party risk management

Date: 19th February 2020
Speakers: Penny Flint (Host), Grant Waterfall (Guest), Paul O’Rourke (Guest)
Duration: 23m 23s

In this podcast episode our Cybersecurity experts Penny Flint, Grant Waterfall and Paul O’Rourke discuss how organisations like yours can work to mitigate third party risk in an age where all organisations are interconnected.

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Episode 2: The cyber threat landscape

Date: 26th February 2020
Speakers: Kris McConkey (Host), Gerry Stellatos (Guest), Sloane Menkes (Guest)

Duration: 21m 40s

Join PwC experts Kris McConkey, Gerry Stellatos and Sloane Menkes as they discuss the latest trends and developments in the current cyber threat landscape. From a changing geopolitical environment to recent notable breaches, understand what steps your organisation should take to ensure it remains secure.

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Episode 3: The evolving role of a CISO

Date: 6th  March 2020
Speakers: Host - Tim Cook - Partner at Kafue Consultants, Guest: Lisa Gallagher - Principal PwC US, Guest: Annie Hardiman - EMEA CISO at PwC

Duration: 21m 40s

Lisa Gallagher (Managing Director PwC US) and Annie Hardiman (EMEA CISO PwC) are joined by special guest host Tim Cook, a leading CISO headhunter and partner at Kafué Consultants. In this episode learn how the role of a CISO is evolving as Cybersecurity becomes an ever more prevalent issue for organisations.

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Episode 4: Cybersecurity in highly regulated industries

Date: 1th  March 2020
Speakers: Host: Nicola Nicol, Partner PwC Australia, Guest - Joe Nocera, Partner PwC US, Guest: Shawn Connors - Partner PwC US

Duration: 21m 40s

Nicola Nicol is joined by Joe Nocera and Shawn Connors to discuss what organisations operating in highly regulated industries should be considering at this time. How can you manage risk and adhere to a complex set of globalised regulatory requirements? whilst board and shareholder expectations are increasing.

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