Disaster recovery

During a disruption or major crisis situation, a disaster recovery plan provides the tools to keep your organisation functioning or, in the event of an interruption, to swiftly resume operations

Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster, an economic crisis, a pandemic or any number of possibilities, an effective plan addresses how to restore employee functioning, business system software, hardware, IT infrastructure services, technology user services and data.  

And as you train for various disaster scenarios and prepare for possible threats, you’ll build the muscle memory foundational to business resilience

20% of organisations report their disaster recovery function is well-integrated.

PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021
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A focused approach to disaster recovery helps you ...

  • Design a structured strategic plan for each business function that is cohesive and aligned across your organisation, to execute in the event of a crisis situation

  • Recover system functionality to keep business operations running

  • Reduce employee downtime and financial damage

  • Give your teams and stakeholders confidence that a tested and honed plan is in place, grounded in lessons learned and continuous improvement

  • Understand the potential for various types of event

  • Experience fewer unpleasant surprises

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Build beyond the status quo

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for many global businesses caught unprepared for the massive disruption it wrought around the world. 

And as monumental as the pandemic has been, other threats haven’t gone away. 

Business leaders without a strategy for disaster recovery risk disruption in a range of categories, from natural disasters to communication failures to data center disruptions.

Planning for disaster

PwC professionals across the globe can support your organisation with targeted initiatives to help you prepare for future disruptions and build resilience into your business. 

An effective strategy begins with assessing often complex infrastructure across your organisation, determining which functions are mission critical, and developing a tactical plan for each, with roles and responsibilities clearly delineated.

Plan Development and Documentation, a key part of our Business Continuity Management framework, includes detailed recovery procedures for addressing business functions, technology, life safety, vendor resiliency and crisis communications.

How PwC delivers for you

We bring:

  • Deep experience guiding clients through the most disruptive crises and disasters of recent decades

  • Established methodologies for each stage of crisis preparedness, response, recovery and resilience

  • Tools and technologies to design a robust, customised and targeted strategy for your organisation

You gain:

  • The ability to recover swiftly from  disruption and disaster

  • Space to think

  • Information to make critical decisions

  • Confidence that your organisation is prepared for what’s around the corner 

  • Resilience 

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