Business continuity

A holistic approach 

Can your organisation sustain operations in the midst of a serious crisis? How do you identify “mission-critical” processes? Do you have a backup strategy in the event of a massive disruption in your technology, facilities or other functions? Are your employees trained to respond during business disruptions?

Companies that take a holistic approach to business continuity management develop the ability to identify, prevent and prepare for events that may disrupt normal activities. 

A fully integrated business continuity strategy helps to build an overall culture of resilience.

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67% of organisations applied a business continuity plan as part of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021
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Business continuity and a culture of resilience

Business continuity means more than just making sure the lights stay on when a crisis hits. The benefits of establishing a business continuity strategy include:

  • Resilience: With greater awareness of what really matters during a crisis, you can focus resources effectively.
  • Employee engagement and ownership: Your people understand their roles and responsibilities in a crisis, and are invested in executing a seamless recovery.
  • Strategic recovery plans: Pre-defined strategic decisions are embedded into recovery plans to guide your people toward a common goal during disruption.
  • Detailed business impacts and risks identified: Potential risks and areas of concern can be mitigated in “peace time” rather than in the heat of a crisis. 
  • Empowered leadership: Leaders are actively enabled to monitor the state of resilience within the organisation and provide hands-on guidance and support.
  • Continuous improvement: Tests, drills and simulation exercises help you understand what works and what doesn’t, enabling continued resilience and growth.

Assessing an organisation’s business continuity program

Effective business continuity programs have a common framework, core capabilities, and coordination of resources and activities to plan for and respond to events. 

PwC’s Organizational Preparedness Assessment (OPA), based on leading industry practices, helps organisations identify program blind spots and provides actionable recommendations to enhance program maturity.

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PwC’s business continuity planning solutions

We’ve built scalable solutions to create a bespoke solution for each of our clients:

  • Business continuity program assessment and design
  • Business impact analysis and interruption risk assessment
  • Recovery plan creation and resilience improvement
  • Business continuity program exercises, maintenance and training
  • Business continuity program technology enablement and enterprise risk management integration
  • Third-party resilience framework and analysis
  • Crisis management program development and exercises
  • Information technology disaster recovery and business continuity program alignment and analysis
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PwC brings depth and experience to support your response to an enterprise-wide crisis

Our PwC crisis management teams have developed tools and processes to help you survive an unexpected event and emerge stronger.

We take a holistic view of your organisation’s business continuity needs. And as your trusted advisor, we’ll help you build resilience for the long term.

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