2016 Commercial Transportation Trends

On the surface, the commercial freight transportation and logistics industry looked calm in 2015. The sector moved sideways financially; average earnings were flat. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transportation Services Index, which measures industry output, rose only a couple of points. The biggest headline for the sector came early in the year with the resolution of the painful, but not disastrous, U.S. West Coast port labor dispute in February.

New metrics for a changing industry

Mobile operators are already laying the foundation for next-generation network architecture to push innovative services. The coming wave of mobile broadband will create unprecedented growth opportunities, touching new vertical applications and offering new experiences for consumers. As the industry transitions to the state of voice becoming increasingly irrelevant, operators will need to track success with the right metrics - the metrics that can shape their strategy for the long Srinivas Ranganna, Pranav Parekh, and Dan Hays

Managing customers through technology and business transitions

Customer migrations are a fact of life in this industry. The evolving landscape of connected devices in our lives coupled with competition, regulation, and evolution of technology and standards virtually guarantees customer migrations will occur periodically. Well executed transitions will be seen as non-events. However, poorly-executed transitions can trigger legal action from customers, become a PR nightmare, erode business value or cause a mass customer exodus from a service Greg Chiasson, Harish Nalinakshan, Joe Mancini, and Brian Stahlhammer

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