Emerging Markets – New hubs, new spokes, new industry leaders?

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Volume 3

PricewaterhouseCoopers, in cooperation with the Supply Chain Management Institute of the EBS Business School, recently conducted a RealTime Delphi survey of 90 panellists in 28 countries. Our latest publication "Transportation & Logistics 2030 Volume 3: Emerging Markets – new hubs, new spokes, new industry leaders?" draws upon the results of this survey.

We've also taken a closer look at seven specific emerging markets: Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, South African and Turkey. The report will certainly be of interest for readers from other regions of the world, though. Who wouldn't want to learn whether logistics companies from China and its peers will take over the logistics markets of North America and Europe in the foreseeable future?

Here are some of the key findings that should inform decision-making in the T&L industry until 2030:

  • New trade corridors between Asia and Africa, Asia and South America and within Asia will re-chart global supply chains. Trade volumes will shift towards emerging markets and least developed countries will take their first steps into the global marketplace.
  • Privatisation has already helped fire up China's economic growth and other countries like Turkey are also looking to benefit from increased efficiency and better access to capital.
  • Emerging market players are unlikely to dominate developed markets; instead they will build competencies and market share in more attractive home and emerging markets.

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