What’s next: How consumer goods leaders envision tomorrow

In partnership with The Consumer Goods Forum, PwC’s latest report examines how business leaders are envisioning the future of five emerging trends in the grocery retailing and consumer goods industry.

The way forward for consumer goods and retailers

The pandemic was extremely disruptive, but the consumer markets industry embraced its challenges and mostly thrived, bringing into sharp focus the importance of operational agility, digital preparedness, and C-suite resilience and resourcefulness.

Businesses developed or accelerated innovations almost overnight while stabilising surging demand for basic consumer goods such as food, water and personal hygiene products. Now, we find ourselves looking forward and wondering: what will spark the next set of seismic changes and sustained outcomes?

PwC, along with The Consumer Goods Forum, a global, parity-based industry network, examines these and other shifts through interviews with industry CEOs and proprietary data. The resulting analysis is set within the context of five macro trends that were already taking shape before the pandemic and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Download the report (2.5mb)

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