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Getting reward right

Reward represents one of the largest areas of spend for a business, but that spend can become quickly misaligned. Labour markets are more dynamic and complex than ever. Organisations are finding their approaches to reward and benefits - and the behaviours they drive - under the microscope from stakeholders, regulators, the media and prospective recruits. Understanding the impact of these evolving forces on the competitiveness of reward is increasingly difficult. And while reward may be one of the reasons why people work, it is not the only reason. That is why our approach considers reward as part of the broader management ecosystem – including: pensions, leadership, performance management, global mobility, and business strategy.


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Tom Gosling talk about the findings from our Psychology of Incentives study | Duration 4:30

Is the way you reward your senior executive team facing scrutiny? Are you trying to understand the value delivered through your reward programme? Is your approach to your employee health and benefits programmes coherent? And do you have the right data to understand the impact of your reward and benefit spend?

How we can help

PwC uses a combination of technical capabilities, market intelligence, and analytics to help our clients with a broad range of emerging reward and benefits issues including:

  • Senior executive reward and governance
  • Tax and regulatory compliance
  • 'Total' reward strategy and analytics
  • Competitive benchmarking and development of reward and benefits structures
  • Incentive design and linkage to performance management
  • Health, wellness and wellbeing benefits


Business leaders need better and more real time data on the value delivered through their reward and benefits programmes. We work with organisations to make their programmes more effective through:


We help you compare reward structures across merging organisations, qualifying the competitiveness of reward structure against labour market peers and to survey employee groups to understand their comparative valuation of reward elements.

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We help you to develop incentive structures and adapt salary and reward structures to your competency model and career hierarchy.


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We use data, technology and process to track cross-border tax liabilities for long-term reward vehicles, monitor changes in taxation and withholding requirements across global territories and help you adapt adapt reward structures, governance and process to comply with regulatory requirements.

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We create reward dashboards to monitor and evaluate programmes and enhance employee and stakeholder communications delivering an improved understanding and increasing the effectiveness of complex programmes.


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