E-sports revenue quadrupled through 2016 and could nearly triple by 2021

Total e-sports will likely grow exponentially to US$874mn by 2021 from just US$42mn in 2012 demonstrating the tremendous speed of development. The segment has seen strong growth over the historic period as interest rises worldwide, tournaments and leagues become more sophisticated, and sponsorship and other development money pours in to the discipline.


E-sports streaming advertising revenue to spike and ultimately outperform video internet advertising

E-sports streaming sites are increasingly facing competition from broadcasters worldwide who have lately realised the appealing demographic of e-sports fans. With that, they also face a competitive threat from ad blocking. However, as increasing numbers of viewers use the sites and bids to prevent ad blockers become more sophisticated, e-sports streaming advertising revenue can be expected to see growth at a fast pace – exceeding that of video internet advertising revenue as a whole.

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