Edge Asia Pacific

PwC's International Deals graduate programme

Designed with you in mind.

Edge is a programme to support you at the start of your career. Boosting your development from the very moment you join the Deals business; featuring a mixture of international development opportunities, rotations so you gain experience across the different parts of the Deals business, technical and business skills training and the support to complete a professional qualification.

Upon successful completion of the Edge programme and your professional qualification, you’ll be awarded the PwC Master of Deals certificate and be given the opportunity to specialise in the business unit and industry that best suit you and where you can build a successful career.

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Would you like the opportunity to:

  • travel to an Asian city to meet all Edge participants across Asia Pacific;
  • receive in-depth training;
  • develop lasting relationships through team building activities; and
  • build your professional network with leaders, faculty and peers beyond your national boundaries?

If your answer to the above is a resounding ‘Yes’, look no further. Edge enables you to do so at the International Deals Foundation Event (IDFE) and International Deals Graduating Event (IDGE) – which takes place in your first and third years on the programme.

Our top performers across Asia Pacific will be provided with a stretch opportunity to second into a Deals team of another territory towards the end of the programme.

If you have a strong desire to develop into a well-rounded Deals advisor, rotations across at least three PwC Deals business areas will enable you to take an active role in the work involved at each stage of a deal, where you can discover and identify the areas of most interests to you and the best use of your strengths.

You will be given relevant formal learning specially curated for you as you journey and progress through Edge, supporting you throughout the early phase of your career with Deals.

Where applicable, you will also complete a professional qualification that provides you with globally recognised accreditation and the knowledge and skills necessary to be working within Deals and the global market.



Does this seem like your opportunity of a lifetime? Discover your new career with PwC Deals!

For more information, click here and select from the Asia Pacific territories participating* in the Edge programme.

*: these territories are not yet participating in the Edge programme – Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.