Human capital measurement and benchmarking

PwC’s Saratoga human capital measurement and benchmarking capability is globally recognised. We work with 40% of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and believe that intelligent measurement is fundamental to performance improvement.

Our benchmarks cover a broad spectrum including country, workforce size and sector. Data is collected to strict definitions ensuring resultant benchmarks reflect a like-for-like comparison.

How we can help you

PwC’s Saratoga team works closely with clients to provide measurement and benchmarking solutions that address organisational challenges and inform business/HR strategy.

These can include insight into a range of potential issues facing organisations including:

  • Optimisation of the effectiveness and impact of the HR function
  • Measurement and benchmarking of human capital to use in external reporting, to understand competitiveness or to support development of future strategies
  • Identification of human capital priorities, supported by application of methodologies, to assist development of HR objectives
Saratoga's clients gain insights into bottom line performance and basic people behaviours and also to gain a measurable appreciation of key organisational forces such as motivation, commitment, innovation, talent management and leadership. The results give insight into existing human capital profiles and to highlight opportunities to gain competitive advantage.