Manufacturing Performance – achieving excellence

For many large industrial manufacturers, improving the performance of ‘shop-floor’ manufacturing operations is constantly front of mind, but fresh thinking in light of the changing economic climate can play a vital role in ensuring sustainable success. It is no longer enough to consider the factory floor in isolation; a strategy which engages with the wider business, including back office functions, procurement and HR, is needed to achieve competitive advantage in a changing marketplace. By taking a more holistic view, manufacturers will increase their chances of:

  • responding effectively to economic volatility and competition from emerging markets
  • successfully assessing and planning for future demand and markets
  • increasing customer loyalty by adding value to the customer
  • securing sustainable cost reductions and revenue growth
  • engaging their people to support and implement necessary change

How PwC can help you

Manufacturing organisations engage our Consulting specialists to help design, manage and execute lasting performance improvement. Our Operational Effectiveness experts - many directly from industry - draw on skills in operations, people, technology, finance and risk management to advise and implement lean manufacturing and cost reduction programmes - locally and globally.