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Surging high-speed Internet access, more devices and more content combine to drive media consumption upwards

This article explores how a combination of rising Internet access and ongoing rapid roll-out of connected devices is expected to reshape the global entertainment & media industry over the next five years.

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By 2020, mobile will account for over 50% of Internet access revenue in more than three-quarters of countries

Total global Internet access revenue will increase at a 6.8% CAGR to US$634.8bn in 2020, as broadband – both fixed and mobile – becomes an essential utility in emerging as well as developed markets. Between 2015 and 2020, 13 countries – mostly emerging markets – will see double-digit CAGRs. And more than 1.3bn people will start paying for mobile Internet access for the first time, taking the total to 3.8bn.

Consumers will increasingly choose high-speed mobile Internet services that enable new applications

By 2020, 54% of mobile Internet connections globally will be high-speed (delivering 30+Mbps), while a further 42% will be medium-speed (between 4 and 30 Mbps). High-speed mobile Internet makes watching online videos, streaming high-quality music and making video calls on the move more viable. As speeds increase, new applications like ultra-high definition video will gain traction, and operators will seek to retain customers by upgrading them for free or at low cost.

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