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empty CFO Agenda Article Series CFO Agenda Article Series
The CFO Agenda articles provide our perspectives on the issues that keep Canada’s senior finance executives awake at night, as their roles within the enterprise continue to evolve with changing market dynamics.


The following is a list of publications, white papers and other thought leadership put out by PwC Canada’s Finance practice.

Developing and improving high performing finance functions
Today’s CFOs are faced with a complex, constantly changing business environment in which their finance organizations are pressured to provide accurate, reliable and insightful information faster and more efficiently.

Innovation champions: How CFOs can keep companies vital
According to PwC, faculty at Wharton and top-performing finance executives, embracing innovation requires monitoring risk closely without smothering ideas.

CFO Agenda Issue 5: Improving capital management — How CFOs can help capital projects stay on track
The successful execution of major capital projects is a critical business activity for companies in asset-intensive sectors such as mining, oil and gas, energy, manufacturing and transportation.

Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013
Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013 is PwC’s fifth annual benchmark report which outlines the latest findings of our analysis of more than 200 companies that have participated in benchmarking projects.

Finance Transformation: A Lean approach to increase value
At its heart, Lean is an operating philosophy focused on creating customer value—in simple terms Lean is about doing more of the right tasks with less wasted effort.

CFO Agenda Issue 4: Achieving deal value
Today’s CFO acts as an important advisor to both the CEO and the board in offering a clear-eyed assessment of the financial and value implications behind business decisions.

CFO Agenda Issue 3: Linking risk and performance
CFOs now need to take a holistic approach and integrate risk and performance management to create a competitive advantage and differentiator for their organizations.

The high-performance CFO
What does it take for CFOs to excel today? With the global economy struggling to regain its footing, finance chiefs face very different challenges from the ones they confronted just a few years ago.

CFOs: Opportunities and roles in the cloud - Five questions you should ask
Cloud computing can reduce IT and business costs, and it is fast becoming a powerful means for growth.

Re-energizing Finance: The Organization Challenge
Whatever the size of their teams, the onus is on CFOs today to leverage every part of the finance organization to deliver value beyond traditional transaction processing and control.

CFO Agenda Issue 2 - Planning ahead for agility and accuracy
Issue 2 of PwC’s CFO Agenda explores some new strategies for CFOs, including delving into the changing mindset towards financial planning and the importance of robust forecasting.

The top 10 issues faced by senior finance executives
The following brochure discusses the top 10 issues keeping finance executive awake at night and who at PwC can help your organization improve your finance effectiveness.

CFO Agenda Issue 1: Transforming performance - Powering an effective organization
The first article in the CFO Agenda series looks at how obtaining and analyzing the right information lies at the heart of enterprise performance management.