Current Insolvency Assignments

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Please note that information may not be available at this time for all current PwC insolvency assignments.

Name Type Filing Date
101142701 Saskatchewan Ltd. and Cava Secreta Wines and Spirits Limited Interim Receivership 2012-05-08
1291675 Ontario Corporation Receivership 2012-07-05
1305066 Alberta ULC Bankruptcy 2013-02-15
1320642 Alberta Ltd. Receivership 2014-03-06
TrustMe Security Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-02-27
1682322 Ontario Inc., 3267911 Canada Inc. 326551 Canada Inc., (formerly respectively known as Bodkin Financial Corporation, and Bodkin Capital Corporation and Bodkin Leasing Corporation, collectively the “Companies”) Receivership/Bankruptcy 2011-10-07
1721027 Ontario Inc. (o/a Becker Cogeneration Plant) CCAA Filing 2016-02-02
2550-2774 Québec Inc. Receivership 2011-09-28
3661297 Manitoba Ltd (previously Paradigm Farms Ltd.) Receivership 2012-11-27
1749049 Alberta Ltd. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2015-02-17
3147914 Nova Scotia Limited (Dartmouth Operations) Receivership 2015-03-16
4393074 Canada Inc. (formerly known as Herbal Magic Inc.) NOI/Bankruptcy 2014-07-07
Calgary East Village Housing Society In Receivership 2014-02-25
660748 NB Inc. (operating under the name IRM Moncton MRI) Bankruptcy 2013-11-18
7652216 Canada Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2013-12-23
7691041 Canada Inc. (La Capsule Sportive) Bankruptcy 2013-02-14
7739877 Canada Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-01-18
8039879 Canada Inc. CCAA 2015-09-01
8039895 Canada Inc. CCAA 2015-09-01
3939421 Canada Inc. CCAA 2015-09-01
Carburants Avtech Inc. CCAA 2015-09-01
Crystal Heights Co-operative Inc. Receivership  
Pascan Aviation CCAA 2015-09-01
Pascan Express CCAA 2015-09-01
Structures et Composantes Avtech Inc. CCAA 2015-09-01
8100896 Canada Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-02-07
8942595 Canada Inc. (operating as Herbal Magic Inc. effective August 1, 2014) Bankruptcy 2015-08-07
9096-0733 Québec Inc. (Auberge du Lac Taureau) Bankruptcy 2015-03-11
923451 Ontario Limited (formerly known as Comstock Canada Ltd.), CCL Realty Inc. and CCL Equities Inc. CCAA 2013-07-09
9248-2496 Québec Inc. (Carrosserie Exotique) Receivership 2013-07-12
Abitibi Helicopters Ltd. Receivership 2014-08-25
Abitibi Helicopters Ltd. Bankruptcy 2015-11-04
Airnetic Technologies Inc. Bankruptcy 2012-01-12
Aliments Möpure Inc. Bankruptcy 2010-01-08
Allianz Madvac Inc. Receivership 2011-03-18
A.M.H. Properties Ltd. Receivership 2014-12-01
Anglo American Bank Limited Liquidation 2003-08-26
Arctic Beverages Limited Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2014-03-19
Arctic Beverages Sask Limited Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2014-03-19
Atcon Industrial Services Inc. Receivership 2010-03-31
Atcon Plywood Inc. (“API”) Receivership 2010-03-31
Athasand Restaurants Inc., Blue Inc. Receivership 2011-02-08
Atlantic Mini-Fridge Co. Ltd. Receivership 2012-06-11
Atlantic Yarns Inc., Atlantic Fine Yarns Inc. CCAA 2007-10-26
Aurelium Biopharma Inc. Bankruptcy 2011-03-10
The Axe Houghton Group Inc. In Receivership 2014-12-23
Bancafe International Bank Ltd. Other 2006-11-29
Bearcat Explorations Ltd. and Stampede Oils Inc. Bankruptcy 2004-08-23
Bear Mountain Master Partnership et al CCAA 2010-03-15
Bioaxone Therapeutique Inc. Bankruptcy 2012-03-28
BioSyntech Inc. / Bio Syntech Canada Inc. Bankruptcy 2010-05-25
Bioxel Pharma Inc. CCAA 2008-12-12
Birch Mountain Resources Ltd. Receivership 2008-11-05
Blue Note Caribou Mines Inc. CCAA 2009-02-20
Blue Note Mining Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-05-22
Bois Le Roux Inc. Interim Receiver/Receiver 2012-06-01
Boutique Jacob Inc. Proposal 2014-05-05
Broadacre Agriculture Inc. CCAA Filing 2014-11-04
439288 BC Ltd. and Area Finance Inc. Bankruptcy 2009-11-02
Catalyst Paper Corporation CCAA Filing 2012-01-31
Caliber Systems Inc. Receivership 2011-04-01
Canadian Petcetera Limited Partnership Proposal 2009-03-20
1555644 Ontario Limited and 661215 Ontario Limited (formerly respectively known as Carnival National Leasing Limited and Carnival Automobiles Limited) Receivership Information 2011-02-18
Can-Bec Métal Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2014-09-30
CDM Decors Papers Inc. Bankruptcy 2011-06-07
Centre Bleu Terre de Feu Inc. Receivership/Bankruptcy 2013-10-30
Chestermere Land Development Limited Partnership and BF Land Development General Partner Incorporated Receivership 2015-02-27
Chloe M ULC Bankruptcy 2013-02-15
Cobalt Energy Services Ltd. and 1592809 Alberta Ltd. Receivership/Bankruptcy 2015-04-24
Cojoco Holdings Inc. Receivership 2011-11-18
Compagnie de Gestion M.D.J. Inc. Proposal 2013-10-21
Compagnie de Tabac Dynasty Inc. CCAA 2015-06-04
Consortium Pomerleau Inc. Receivership 2012-12-13
Construction Mergad Inc. Bankruptcy 2012-07-20
Coopérative d’habitation Bedford Receivership 2012-06-22
Cymor Ltd. Bankruptcy 2013-01-22
D’Eon Fisheries Limited Receivership 2013-12-10
Desautels Creative Printing Papers Inc., Creative International, L.L.C. and Merchant Sales Inc. Receivership 2012-07-09
Distribusoft Inc. Bankruptcy 2012-10-17
DHE Weissman Holdings Ltd. operating as Sussex Mall, Sussex, New Brunswick (“DHE”) Receivership 2009-05-25
École primaire des Arbrisseaux Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-10-22
EDS Decommissioning Canada Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-12-13
Elaborate Homes Ltd. and Elaborate Developments Inc. Receivership 2011-02-22
Enseco Energy Services Corp. and Enseco Energy Services USA Corp. Receivership 2015-10-21
Eron Mortgage Corporation Receivership 1997-10-03
Extenway Medical Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2015-12-22
Extenway Solutions Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2015-12-21
Ferox Inc. Receivership 2009-08-11
First International Bank of Grenada Limited Liquidation 2001-02-28
FairWest Energy Corp. (“FEC”) CCAA 2012-12-10
Fletcher Leisure Group Inc. / Fletcher Leisure Group Ltd. / 9266-4382 Quebec Inc. Receivership/Bankruptcy 2013-10-22
Fonds TIP Canada Ltée / TIP Funds Canada Ltd. Liquidation 2005-09-22
Fraser Papers Inc. and Subsidiaries CCAA 2009-06-18
Fromagerie L’Oiseau Bleu Inc. Bankruptcy 2015-02-12
Fraser Papers Inc. General Creditor Trust   2009-08-11
Gaétan Corriveau Receivership 2013-11-14
Genizon Biosciences Inc. Bankruptcy 2015-05-05
Georges Marciano Receivership and Interim Receivership 2011-09-19
Geovencap Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-02-07
Great Lakes Specialty Meats of Canada Inc. and 2268204 Ontario Inc. Receivership/Bankruptcy 2014-06-11
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. CCAA/Bankruptcy 2015-05-01
Groupe Alta Bankruptcy 2009-12-16
Groupe Belfontaine Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-12-16
Groupe Bikini Village inc. Proposal 2015-04-30
Groupe Hexagone s.e.c. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2016-02-02
Groupe Iberville Performance Marine inc. Bankruptcy 2014-12-17
Construction Frank Catania & Associés Inc. Liquidation 2014-09-15
Les Développement Immobiliers F. Catania & Associés Inc. Liquidation 2014-09-15
Développement Lachine Est Inc. Liquidation 2014-09-15
Groupe Frank Catania & Associés Inc. Liquidation 2014-09-15
7593724 Canada Inc. Liquidation 2014-09-15
Hickman Equipment (1985) Limited CCAA 2002-02-07
High North Resources Ltd. Receivership 2016-01-26
High Performance Energy Systems Inc. Receivership 2015-11-30
Hirsche Herefords and Grant and Annette Hirsche Receivership 2010-04-01
Hunter Wire Products Ltd. Notice of Intention to File a Proposal 2015-09-09
Hygrid Logistics Inc. Receivership 2014-06-19
Iget.It Inc. Bankruptcy 2015-02-25
Imperium Bank Limited Liquidation 2002-07-25
Innoventé inc. Notice of Bankruptcy 2014-07-17
Inox-Tech Canada Inc. Notice of Intention to File a Proposal 2015-12-07
Interwind Receivership, CCAA / Bankruptcy 2010-03-31
Investissements Hexagone Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2016-02-02
Island Excavators (1985) Ltd. Receivership 2014-11-10
J.W. Mason & Sons Limited Receivership 2012-12-06
John David Best and J. David Best & Sons Partnership Receivership 2014-09-10
Jabez Financial Services Inc. Receivership 2007-03-02
Jean-Marc Brissette Inc. / Location Bristar Idealease Inc. Bankruptcy 2010-06-04
Johel Group of Companies Receivership 2013-10-29
John Butcher’s Kitchens & Millwork Limited and 3056104 Nova Scotia Limited Bankruptcy 2013-10-10
Jung Developments CCAA 2008-10-15
Karlsen Shipping Company Limited Receivership 2011-05-17
1153837 Ontario Inc., 4028082 Canada Inc. and 1500140 Ontario Inc. (formerly known as Karrys Bros., Limited, Karbro Transport Inc., Karrys Software Ltd. respectively) Notice of Intention/Bankruptcy 2015-04-10
K2 Developments Ltd. Receivership 2008-10-07
Kent Co-operative Limited Liquidation 2012-01-09
1743122 Ontario Inc., 3851168 Canada Inc. and 798862 Ontario Limited (formerly known as Kraus Inc., Kraus Canada Inc.,and Strudex Fibres Limited respectively), and 538626 B.C. Ltd. Receivership 2012-05-28
1743122 Ontario Inc., 3851168 Canada Inc. and 798862 Ontario Limited (formerly known as Kraus Inc., Kraus Canada Inc. and, Strudex Fibres Limited) Bankruptcy 2012-06-11
Laricina Energy Ltd. CCAA 2015-03-26
League Assets Limited Partnership CCAA 2013-10-18
Les Automobiles Luc Fréchette & Fils Inc. (Fréchette & Fils Marine) Receivership 2015-02-25
Les entreprises Yves Pontbriand Inc. Receivership 2015-04-16
Les constructions Infrabec Inc. and Location Infrabec Inc. Bankruptcy, Receivership 2011-03-08
Les Résidences de La Cathédrale de Sherbrooke Bankruptcy 2013-12-23
Les Industries Fermco Ltée., Les Distribution Fermco Ltée., Gestion Fermco inc., Fermco U.S. inc. Receivership 2015-03-17
Location Hexagone Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2016-02-02
Lone Pine Resources Canada Ltd. (direct and indirect wholly owned subsidiaries; Lone Pine Resources Inc., Lone Pine Resources (Holding) Inc., Wiser Delaware LLC, and Wiser Oil Delaware, LLC) CCAA 2013-09-25
Lumière VFX inc. Bankruptcy 2011-05-17
Magnola Metallurgy Inc. Other 2009-01-09
Marathon Pulp Inc. Bankruptcy 2009-07-07
Marathon Pulp Inc. Receivership 2009-02-13
Mariner International Bank Limited Liquidation 2005-04-20
Marv Holland Apparel Ltd. (“Marv Holland”) Receivership 2013-06-28
McDiarmid Lumber Ltd., Superior Truss Co. Ltd. and WW Doors Inc. CCAA 2013-05-23
Meadow Fresh Mushrooms Inc. Receivership 2012-03-08
Mecnov inc. Bankruptcy 2014-02-03
My Virtual Model Inc. and My Virtual Model II Inc. Bankruptcy 2009-11-12
Mon Mannequin Virtuel inc. et Mon Mannequin Virtuel II inc Bankruptcy 2009-11-12
Nascor Ltd., Arcticor Structures Receivership 2009-07-20
New Petcetera Retail Limited Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2014-03-17
Newfoundland Career Academy Limited Bankruptcy 1998-09-01
North Shore Manor Limited Bankruptcy 2013-04-25
Northumberland General Insurance Company Liquidation 2010-11-19
Northwest Angling Adventures Ltd. Bankruptcy 2013-03-22
Ocean Legacy Inc., Supreme Atlantics (2000) Ltd., and Limekiln Fisheries 2000 Ltd. Receivership 2011-07-07
OE Quality Friction Inc. Receivership 2015-01-09
Oslerbrook Golf & Country Club Inc. Receivership 2014-01-17
PCAS Patient Care Automation Services Inc., 2163279 Ontario Inc. conducting business as Touchpoint, PharmaTrust Corp. and PharmaTrust MedServices Inc. Bankruptcy, CCAA 2012-03-26
Peers Foster Kristiansen Inc. and Federal Mortgage Corporation Ltd. Bankruptcy 2010-12-09
Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. CCAA 2015-11-20
Pipeline Mechanical Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-02-21
P.J. Cote Limited Bankruptcy 2010-04-26
Poseidon Concepts Corp., Poseidon Concepts Ltd., Poseidon Concepts Limited Partnership and Poseidon Concepts Inc. CCAA 2013-04-09
Precision Assessment Technology Corporation ("PATC") CCAA 2009-06-25
Prism Helicopters Limited Receivership 2013-09-04
Pike’s Recreation & Marine Inc. (“Pike’s”) Bankruptcy 2010-10-01
Pope & Talbot Ltd. CCAA 2007-10-29
R.M.P. Athletic Locker Limited and Core Sports Inc. (the “Companies”) Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2015-05-27
Raffin Publications Inc. Proposal 2009-03-27
Respec Oilfield Services Ltd. CCAA 2009-05-08
River Rock Financial Canada Corp., River Rock Distribution Corp., River Rock International Limited and 2126628 Ontario Limited In Receivership 2013-10-31
River’s Bend Wood Products Incorporated Receivership 2015-03-03
Ross Mining Limited Receivership 2009-07-29
RTF Financial Holdings Inc. Receivership 2014-12-10
Salerno Plastic Film and Bags (Canada) Inc., Salerno Plastic Film and Bags (USA) Inc. and Salerno Property Inc. Receivership 2010-12-06
Scott Receivership 2012-10-09
Seabridge International Shipping Inc. Bankruptcy 2012-07-10
SEC Papineau-Sherbrooke Receivership 2012-10-30
Select Transport Inc. (“Select Transport”) Bankruptcy 2011-12-01
Select Transport Inc. (“Select Transport”) Receivership 2011-12-01
Sherbrooke Hotel Management Ltd. (Opus Hôtel) & Trilogy Properties (Godin) Corporation Proposal/Receivership/Interim Receivership 2011-10-31
SHS Services Management Inc./Gestion Des Services SHS Inc. and SHS Services Limited Partnership Receivership/Bankruptcy 2013-12-13
Simpler Networks Inc. CCAA 2008-07-11
Société en commandite Floralies Verdun Receivership 2014-01-29
Starfield Resources Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-07-02
Steel Space Productions Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-06-06
3087-0265 Québec Inc. (Stratech) Receivership 2015-03-30
Sunoma Energy Corp. Bankruptcy 2000-07-13
Southern Pacific Resource Corp. et al Receivership/CCAA 2015-01-21
Tech Link International Entertainment Limited In Receivership 2015-08-06
Ted LeRoy Trucking Ltd. CCAA 2007-12-14
Temlam Inc. Bankruptcy 2008-09-15
Testori Americas Corporation CCAA 2013-12-19
The Negro Community Centre / Charles H. Este Cultural Centre Bankruptcy 2014-05-05
Three Sisters Mountain Village Receivership 2009-02-27
The Symphony Development Corporation (“SDC”) Receivership 2010-01-12
TPP Energy Solutions Inc. Bankruptcy 2013-01-03
Tradex Ltd. Liquidation 2004-04-07
Transport All Continent ltée Proposal 2011-04-26
True Blend Tobacco Company Inc. Interim Receivership/Receivership 2011-05-11
Twoco Petroleums Ltd. Receivership 2013-02-28
UC Investments Inc.; Edge Marketing Inc.; 3214113 Nova Scotia Limited; UC Contract Services Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-03-06
Visionwall Incorporated, Visionwall Corporation and 825764 Alberta Ltd. CCAA 2009-08-12
Voyage sur Terre inc. Bankruptcy 2011-05-17
Voyageur Maritime Trading Inc. Receivership 2011-03-16
Whatsnexx Marketing Automation Inc. Bankruptcy 2015-08-27
Wheatland Industries (1990) Ltd. Receivership 2010-06-14
Wilfrid Paquet & fils ltée / Industries Paquet inc. / Transport W. Paquet Receivership 2011-06-07
X-Ore Resources Inc. Proposal 2013-05-16
XS Cargo Limited Partnership and XS Cargo GP Inc. Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal 2014-07-30
XS Cargo Limited Partnership and XS Cargo GP Inc. Receivership 2014-07-30
S.T.P. Électrique inc. Bankruptcy 2014-03-05
T.P.E. Technologies Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-05-06
Yukon Zinc Corporation CCAA 2015-03-13
YWire Technologies Inc. Bankruptcy 2015-11-12