Risk Assurance Services

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To successfully navigate your business through a volatile risk universe, you need to have the right balance of risk, controls, and expertise.

We can provide you with trust, comfort and assurance over the unknown that can set you off course.


Bringing integrated solutions to complex problems


Internal audit effectiveness

You expect more from internal audit. There’s enormous potential to close the gaps and capture unrealized value through value-added services and proactive strategic advice.

Providing performance assurance

Trust. Your business can’t get ahead or stay ahead without it. How can you make sure your business is trusted by customers, partners and investors in a world of constant change and complexity?

Managing risk in IT

The speed of technology change is creating greater risk in your IT function and beyond. To address new risks, you need a business led approach that brings key decision makers to the table.

Business resilience

To survive and thrive amidst increasingly complicated regulatory requirements, cyber threats and technology transformation, businesses need to be resilient.

Optimizing controls

In order to adapt to change, new regulations or have a realistic view of what’s ahead, you need to get more out of your controls. A lack of real-time visibility and increasing costs may obscure the vital information and processes that can prevent, detect or mitigate risks.


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Our leader


Arturo Lopez

Arturo Lopez is the Canadian Risk Assurance Services Leader and a partner in the Toronto office. He has more than 25 years of experience providing clients with risk, controls and IT audit services solutions. Read more.


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