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One advisor, a world of expertise

Our Cloud Finance team provides innovative, virtual outsourced accounting services and delivers monthly financial insights using cloud technology. We combine these insights with our global capabilities to accelerate the growth of your business.

Our approach

We’re focused on private companies of all shapes and sizes, including start-ups, family businesses, not-for-profits and everything in between.

As a small or medium-sized enterprise, you need access to quality insights to help you optimize and evolve your business. Collectively, your business demands your attention in many areas—understanding your cash flow, measuring key performance indicators, accounts payable, day-to-day accounting—so it’s important to have a partner who can help you where you need it most. We help you navigate the road ahead, build value in your business and achieve the return you’re looking for.

Through a cloud-based dashboard, we deliver a modernized finance function and insights into your business, helping you make sense of your business and the world around you.

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By outsourcing your accounting, you can rely on a fully staffed virtual team that scales as you need. No more worrying about staff management. Your team will help you implement and build cloud-enabled processes and systems to help you scale, seize opportunity and eliminate wasted time. This leaves you more time to focus on higher value activities.

With access to accurate, timely information on the go, you’ll be able to make timely and informed decisions about your business. All of your financial reporting and compliance needs are delivered seamlessly by a dedicated team that knows you and your business.

As a trusted partner that understands you and your industry, our team will always be there to talk with you and provide another perspective when it comes to making important decisions. Your adviser will collaborate with you on these important decisions and deliver the best of PwC’s collective expertise and global reach scaled to your business.

How our Cloud Finance team can help:

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Our services are customizable to your business and you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Your service package is billed monthly at a fixed fee so there are no surprises.

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Jordan  Bennett

Jordan Bennett

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Jessica Else

Partner, PwC Canada

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