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Helping companies secure investment tax credits

Under the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) investment tax credit program, Canada offers some of the most lucrative tax credits in the world.

Tax credits range from 15-50 percent of eligible R&D costs. And for certain Canadian-controlled private corporations, the credit is refundable even if tax isn't owed. PwC can help maximize your SR&ED entitlement while minimizing administrative burden. Whether you want advice or a turnkey solution, we tailor services including:

  • Review/revise your business processes to optimize the identification and tracking of eligible projects and costs
  • Prepare the technical reports for SR&ED projects
  • Identify eligible SR&ED costs by project
  • Assist in the claim defense during a CRA audit
  • Train your finance and engineering department staff on the criteria and requirements of the SR&ED program
  • Provide advice on where to establish your R&D centres

SR&ED provisions

 a professional in your area to discuss your unique taxation concerns.

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