Accounting Advisory Services

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    Creating value in moments of exceptional change

    Accounting standards, regulatory requirements, capital markets and businesses are evolving faster than ever before. Keeping up with these changes and the significant complexities they introduce can be challenging.PwC’s Accounting Advisory Services team offers a wide range of experience and deep technical expertise in accounting issues. Our approach provides a unique combination of integrated services, which are tailored to accommodate your unique circumstances and needs.


    IFRS developments

    Our perspective on matters including: Financial and regulatory reporting, IFRS updates, and US GAAP. Learn more.

    Financial Instruments

    The IASB issued the final version of the IFRS 9 standard replacing IAS 39 and all previous versions of the standard.
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    Browse our publications

    Our publications include newsletters such as Financial Reporting Release, Closing the GAAP Financial Newsletters, AC Insights, and more. Read now.

    US GAAP and SEC Reporting Development Webcast

    Insights and updates on accounting, regulatory, and market developments using US GAAP and SEC Reporting.
    Learn more.

    Finding True North in the true north

    2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study: The Canadian perspective. Read more.

    Our Leader


    Michael Walke

    Michael Walke is the leader of the Accounting Consulting Services department of the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) national office. Read more.