Shaping the mine of the future

How can the decisions of today help to build the mine of tomorrow?

In a difficult market how can we make decisions today that will ensure a successful tomorrow?

Our mining professionals offer knowledge, insight and technical expertise built from years of experience in the sector, complemented by relationships from across PwC’s vast global mining network. As you explore opportunities here and abroad, we can help you focus on sustainable growth and profitability so that you can deliver stronger returns to your shareholders. New strategies surrounding technology, community engagement, talent and diversity, partnerships, and collaboration all require focus like never before. Together we can build a forward-looking plan that will help your company emerge from the downturn, ready for an upswing and with mine operations already built for the future.

Liam Fitzgerald

National Mining Leader



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Liam Fitzgerald
Partner, National Mining and Metals Leader
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Nochane Rousseau
Quebec Energy, Utilities & Mining Leader and Perspective North Initiative
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Mark Platt
Partner, Assurance
Tel: +1 604 806 7093

Dean Braunsteiner
Partner, National Assurance Leader, Mining
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Mark Patterson
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James Lusby
Partner, Assurance Group
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Partner, Corporate Finance, Mining
Tel: +1 416 687 8511

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