Creating lasting value for private companies

Over 65% of our clients are private businesses, ranging from high net worth individuals to owner-managed family businesses and large, professionally-managed businesses.

We understand private businesses and are committed to helping owners and CEOs achieve their long-term personal and business goals.

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Featured Insights

A focus on innovation

Bob Clark, president, Atlas Van Lines discusses innovation.

The evolving role of the leader

Business leaders from Naylor Group Inc. and CSA Group discuss the evolving role of a leader.

Growing stronger

Charles Chang, president of Vega discusses growth strategies.

Making strategic planning real

In today’s hyper-competitive, global marketplace, strategic planning done right is critical to protecting what you have and growing.

Connecting with social media

Social media can play a leading role in helping to drive business by engaging employees, consumers, suppliers, partners and even investors.

The 21-year rule is taxing on family trusts

Many Canadian family trusts are now well into their second decade and need attention to avoid significant tax bills triggered by the Income Tax Act's 21-year rule.

Creating a lasting legacy

The results of PwC’s Global Family Business Survey show that Canadian family businesses have performed well over the past year. But the market is increasingly competitive.

Maximizing your impact

In today’s increasingly competitive market, there is no doubt that owners and leaders of private companies are looking for opportunities to create efficiencies and drive innovation within their business.

Embracing social media

For private companies to continue to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape, they will need to embrace social media as part of their business strategy, or risk being left behind.


Private Business Exchange

Leading a private company? Visit our blog to collaborate, gain insight & build a community of peers.

M&A Spotlight: Driving for change

Considering succession planning or selling your dealership? Our trusted advisers will help you achieve success—on your terms. Read more.

CFO Agenda: The sustainable cost reduction imperative

In today’s business environment, CFOs often find themselves facing significant, disruptive challenges—and searching for ways to achieve sizeable and sustainable cost reductions... Read more.


Business Insights®

Our annual "state of the nation" report

Balancing digital opportunity with cybersecurity risk

Business Insights, our annual survey of private company leaders, is a leading source of information on strategies and insights for private companies. Learn more.


Watch & Listen

Bob Clark

A focus on innovation

Andy McNevin

Building brand from the inside out

Saul Plener

The Role of government in supporting the private sector