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PwC's 22nd CEO Survey: CEOs' curbed confidence spells caution

What’s top of mind for US CEOs?

In the absence of a clear trend in the global economy, US CEOs will set their own paths for business growth in 2019. Findings from the Global CEO Survey make clear that approaches to AI and to navigating fissures in policy frameworks are among the underlying trends shaping the US CEO Agenda this year.

CEOs face test of cyber resilience

State and non-state actors are honing cyber weapons into cheap but effective geopolitical instruments. Resilience could set your organization apart at a time like this.

Three steps to take in 2019

How to capitalize on the AI revolution in profitable and trustworthy way

AI is going to transform nearly everything about your business and markets. Our big prediction for the coming year? Those companies focusing their efforts in six key areas will be far ahead of other businesses this time next year.

Six AI priorities you can’t afford to ignore

How to take advantage of opportunities opening up, amid policy uncertainty and complexity

Companies are operating in a world of policy fragmentation, which is increasing costs for business and creating new risks. Businesses must exercise caution while being prepared for quick shifts.

The three big questions that will trigger policy competition and action in 2019

How abundant capital, not the economy, will shape M&A in 2019 

Dealmakers are at the center of an unprecedented M&A cycle in which US investors have record access to capital. At the same time, expect emerging tech to drive more cross-sector deals.

A closer look at where some of the biggest deals drivers are likely headed

The future of business in the US: the view from abroad

CEOs are bullish about the US. Despite pessimism about global growth and high-levels of concern about trade conflicts, most CEOs of international, non-US based, companies with major US operations (“US Inbound Investors”) are looking for further growth in the US this year, and many are or soon will be building pipelines to US universities to secure top talent for the future.

Leading the pack: CEOs choose the US first

How business can still grow as CEOs become more cautious about the economy

PwC US Chairman and Senior Partner outlines why CEOs must invest in technology, upskilling workers, and building trust with stakeholders in order to shore up growth in an increasingly difficult global economy. 

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AI Optimist or Pessimist Quiz

Are you an artificial intelligence pessimist, optimist or realist? Take our CEO Survey AI quiz and compare yourself to CEOs around the world. 

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