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PwC's 21st CEO Survey: The anxious optimist in the corner office

US business leadership in the world in 2018

Economic momentum is accelerating. CEOs around the world sense the opportunities for expanding in the US through 2018.

With the wind at their backs, US CEOs will find more space to maneuver to capitalize on the potential in artificial intelligence, autonomous transportation, gene editing and other advances. Fears over losing a technological edge have risen more sharply than other types of threats over the past five years.

US CEO sentiment beyond 2018 is uncharacteristically subdued. Open questions on policy directions for global business remain. These conditions will test US business leadership at home and in their important foreign markets.

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US market us important 2018 growth market for half of CEOs globally

Five key findings on how US CEOs see prospects in 2018 

US CEOs cheer prospects for revenue increases

US CEOs cheer prospects for revenue increases

The upturn in sentiment was building before the overhaul to the US corporate tax system. CEOs expect faster global GDP growth this year.

Acquisitions core part of the 2018 growth playbook for US CEOs

More US CEOs plan to drive growth with new M&A this year, and far more so than for their peers globally. Opportunities in emerging technologies and potential trade issues are among supporting factors.

Fears over losing a technological edge have risen more sharply over past five years

Advances in AI, autonomous transportation and other technologies open the doors to formidable new entrants and unscrupulous actors.

Some industries are pulling ahead on digital reskilling

Companies that are more clear on how to use robots and AI artificial intelligence are more likely to invest in digital and development programs. They are creating pathways for employees to better contribute to data-driven initiatives.

Beyond 2018, CEO sentiment turns more cautious

Typically, CEOs report more confidence in revenue growth prospects over the longer term than the immediate future.


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