Sustainability - Building digital trust

17th Annual Global CEO Survey

Building digital trust

CEO’s are concerned about the impact of technological advances on their businesses. Already barely a week goes by without a reminder of how technology glitches, outages and data breaches erode trust. To survive, many CEOs will be compelled undertake expensive and unfamiliar technology led business transformation. Can they trust their businesses to deliver this change successfully?

The winners in the digital age will be those businesses that truly understand the value of digital trust and place an extraordinary high priority on protecting it. Explore this issue further.

Key findings:

  1. CEOs are concerned about the following threats to business growth prospects:
    • Cyber threats, including lack of data security (48%) - large regional variations, with 63% of US and 74% of Middle East CEOs concerned about this vs 35% of CEE and 38% of W. Europe CEOs
    • Inability to protect intellectual property (43%)
    • Speed of technological change (47%, up from 42% last year)
  2. The majority of CEOs do not think the following functions are well-prepared to make the changes needed to capitalise on transformative global trends:
    • IT (65%)
    • Risk mgmt (60%)
  3. In response to transformative global trends, CEOs recognise the need to change or are planning/making changes in the following areas:
    • Technology investments (90%)
    • Approach to managing risk (84%)
    • Use and management of data and data analytics (88%)

Confidence in your data

Confidence in the integrity of your data and your ability to benefit from what it can tell you about your business.

Confidence in your systems

Confidence that business systems have the right controls and monitoring to ensure that they do what they are supposed to, whether they are in-house systems or are delivered as cloud based services.

Confidence in your security

Confidence that systems are secure to protect customer and other data and that identity/privacy issues have been dealt with.

Confidence to take risks

Confidence that technology risks are understood and well managed and that digital platforms will be available when required (24*7).

Confidence in your digital transformation program

Confidence to embark on and deliver the next complex digital transformation programme in a way that delivers the expected benefits, on time and to budget.

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