Future in sight

What does the future hold? For you? For your customers? For your industry? For your generations to come?

Today's world is being disrupted on all fronts and economic, societal and business challenges can no longer be seen in isolation. Explore our perspectives and insights as we look into what the future holds.

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We need to talk about the future of mining

Mining is often considered a relatively straightforward business, with an integrated value chain and strong control over many of the variables of production. Or is it?

PwC’s latest mining report considers how some of the fast-paced disruptive influences evident today could impact the mining sector, and what mining executives can do now to prepare for such an uncertain tomorrow. 

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Our perspectives and insight for the future

Future in sight

The trick to seeing the future... Is knowing where to look for it. Our future insight series brings together our insights and perspectives on the transformative forces we believe will have a big impact in the future.


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