Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019

Jun 04 2014

PwC's Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019 offers insight on industry trends and consumer & advertising spend data by segment and territory.

Strategy&: 2014 study of CEOs, governance, and success

Apr 08 2015

This is the 15th year that Strategy& has examined CEO successions and success among the world’s top 2,500 public companies. This year we’ve assessed how much progress companies have made toward better CEO succession planning, how much value some companies are leaving on the table with poor planning, and the potential value of further improvement.

Total Retail 2015: Retailers and the age of disruption

Feb 12 2015

What do thousands of shoppers around the world reveal about their purchasing preferences, use of different shopping channels and expectations of retailers and how does this impact the retail business model? Explore PwC’s Total Retail Survey.

The PwC Family Business Survey 2014

Oct 15 2014

Explore growth, succession and global trends impacting family businesses today.

Strategy&: Global Innovation 1000: Proven Paths to Innovation Success

Oct 08 2014

This year, Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business, examined the R&D footprint of some of the world's top companies to understand how much they are spending on R&D, where and how that spend has shifted since our last study on this topic in 2008. We found that the globalization of R&D has become the norm and that the flow of R&D funds is shifting away from Europe and aggressively moving towards Asia. The Global Innovation 1000 studies of the past have long confirmed its not how much you spend, but how you spend it and now it is also where you spend it that determines your success.

The new art and science of decision making

Aug 28 2014

Businesses make thousands of routine decisions a day. But what happens when the time comes for a business to shift course and how can data and analytics help? Explore our survey findings to learn more.

Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016

Sep 30 2014

Today, most organisations realise that cybersecurity has become a persistent, all-encompassing business risk. But as the frequency and costs of security incidents continue to rise, our survey found that many organisations have not updated critical information security processes, technologies, and employee training needs. Find out more in our annual survey, released in September 2014.

The Future of Work – A journey to 2022

Aug 02 2014

What will the future of work look like for businesses, workforces and HR? How will you make sure you are not swept along into 2022?

Banking Banana Skins 2014

May 08 2014

Banking Banana Skins 2014 is sponsored by PwC and conducted by the Centre of the Study of Financial Innovation to explore what risks bankers worldwide are facing in the current climate and how they prioritise them.

Cities of Opportunity 2014

Mar 28 2008

What factors make a city a global powerhouse? PwC analyses the trajectory of 27 capitals of finance, commerce, intellectual capital and/or manufacturing and examines future trends.

Adapt to survive: How better alignment between talent and opportunity can drive economic growth

Apr 08 2014

How does hiring the wrong talent impact the global economy, and how can an adaptable workforce increase productivity, reduce costs and boost employment levels? Explore interesting findings from PwC/LinkedIn talent data.

Global Economic Crime 2014 Survey

Feb 19 2014

It comes as no surprise to learn that economic crime - such as fraud, IP infringement, corruption, cybercrime, or accounting fraud - continues to be a major concern for organisations of all sizes, across all regions and in virtually every sector. But, as our 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey reveals, the real story is not so much that economic crime stubbornly persists. The real story is that economic crime is threatening your business processes, eroding the integrity of your employees, and tarnishing your reputation.

Total Impact Measurement and Management

Aug 01 2013

Is ‘good’ growth the expected norm? Looking at growth from a total impact perspective means decisions are made with more holistic information and ‘good’ growth becomes easier to spot.