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Transform your energy demand and turn a cost into opportunity.

How companies can thrive in the energy transition

Organisations face an energy trilemma involving costs, carbon emissions and supply uncertainty. But energy systems advances can help your organisation create value, become more sustainable and build resilience. Taking charge of your energy demand can improve productivity and profit margins, reduce exposure to volatility and political events, and enhance the reputation of your business in the eyes of investors, regulators and other stakeholders. Let’s make your climate actions count. 

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Introducing PwC’s Energy Demand Experience [00:00:03]

Rob Turner, Energy Transition Partner, PwC UK [00:00:04] 

We need to focus on demand in the same way that we focus on supply. 

Demand often doesn’t get the same level of focus and why not? It is more complicated and it tends to require a change in behaviours.

Rob Turner voice over continued with close-ups of the Energy Demand Experience at Davos [00:00:17]

We have to look at demand because the equation to get us to net zero requires that we don’t continue to grow at the same level of energy intensity as we have.

Renate de Lange, Global Sustainability Markets Leader, Partner, PwC Netherlands [00:00:29] 

The energy demand experience brings two great strengths together. On the one hand, our people with their expertise, skills and understanding how organisations can contribute in delivering on the energy transition needed to face climate change. And on the other hand, the power of technology. So, what it does which is quite unique, it brings that thought leadership piece alive by visualising the impact of every decision which increases engagement.

Rob Turner [00:00:57]

We’re really hoping to tackle that awareness point by showing people and creating those ‘ah’ moments where wow actually doing this and this is great payback, I can understand how to do it, I can take control of leadership, so I’ve dealt with that awareness. Let’s act. 

Rob Turner voice over continued with close-ups of the Energy Demand Experience at Davos [00:01:13]

If you had to imagine an energy transition plan in action, those are your chapter headings. And in some ways, it is as simple as that. It's change your awareness, engage with the system and develop a really integrated plan across all of those different parts. 

Rob Turner [00:01:30]

Demand is what most companies drive, it’s what they should be able to understand and it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to reduce costs, increase productivity, and make their own contribution to the pathway to net zero. 

Closing [00:01:43]

Let’s make your climate actions count.


Join the Energy Demand Experience

How do your business decisions concerning energy demand affect your company’s overall growth, environmental impact and carbon footprint? This unique and interactive digital experience, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, is designed to highlight how demand-side management can create financial savings and reduce carbon emissions. Our specialists will walk you through the choices you could make to better manage your business’s energy consumption and deliver value to your shareholders, customers and employees. Join the Energy Demand Experience at Mobile World Congress and World Energy Congress. 

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Mobile World Congress

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World Energy Congress

Rotterdam / April 22-25 2024

From 22-25 April 2024, all eyes will be on Rotterdam as more than 7,000 international energy stakeholders convene for the 26th World Energy Congress. Marking the beginning of the centenary of the World Energy Council, this most prestigious and influential global event, hosted at the highest political level, welcomes leaders from all corners of the world as they come together to enable solutions and deliver impact under the theme ‘Redesigning Energy for People and Planet’. PwC looks forward to seeing you there.
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Unlock demand-side opportunities, whatever industry you are in. We help clients take a proactive approach to their energy transition strategy. By using the extent of the PwC network, we are able to pull on the right industry, capital funding, tax, and accounting expertise needed to help solve for the unique needs of each client. Managing your energy demand isn’t a tick in the box or a compliance exercise, it's a way to create value for your business.

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