PwC @ Mobile World Congress

Creating value through connectivity

Where will the next wave of mobile device innovations come from?

How can connectivity create value? How will new technologies change your industry? What opportunities are there across the mobile value chain?

PwC will be exploring these questions and more at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from 26 February - 1 March, 2018. 

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What themes will dominate the headlines at MWC and beyond?

What themes will dominate the headlines at MWC and beyond?

As we approach Mobile World Congress 2018, the wireless world eagerly awaits insight into how new technologies may change the industry. If you need a game plan for your experience, read this overview of six storylines to watch in Barcelona.

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#MWC18 and Biometrics!

Accessing #MWC18 could be as easy as looking in the mirror. PwC US and MEXIA One are attending GSMA’s Mobile World Congress 2018 and will be conducting a demo of facial recognition technology. This is an exciting new technology with many industry uses; see one application at the event entrance. 

This year, eligible attendees can opt in to be part of the demo using “biometrics”—validated facial recognition via a face scan compared to a profile picture (clear, forward-facing head shot)—to access the event in addition to using their badge. For attendees who opt into the demo, biometric token data will be destroyed following MWC.

Attendees will find kiosks at selected MWC access locations where the MEXIA One facial access system will be deployed. 

Events and demonstrations

Throughout Mobile World Congress, PwC will be organising several events and showcasing several technologies we are delivering to clients to enable their businesses to thrive. 

LIVE: Co-Creating Solutions with Digital

Tuesday, 27 February, 2018 from 10:00 - 17:00
Fira Gran Via - Hall 8

PwC’s Digital Revolution Summit will be a live event where participants immerse themselves in an interactive experience to use mobile and digital technology to benefit society.

Participants will develop strategies, generate ideas, design experiences, and develop an execution plan to solve societal issues. Each session throughout the day will build on the prior one with the day curated in a way that allows participants to come and go and see how progress is being made to address the issues.

Participating in the Digital Revolution Summit will allow each of us to shift from “seeing the problem” to being part of a team that uses mobile and digital technology to solve the problem and unearth new value.

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Exclusive Evening with Wael Ghonim

Wednesday, 28 February, 2018 from 19:00 - 22:30

Our third annual executive dinner at Mobile World Congress will feature Wael Ghonim, an Internet activist, computer engineer and author of Revolution 2.0: The power of people is greater than the people in power. Wael was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and recognized by Time magazine in its "Time 100" list of 100 most influential people of 2011. He was also selected as one of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2012.

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Cocktails and Conversations

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 16:00 - 18:00
PwC Booth: Fira Gran Via - Hall 4 #4C20

Join colleagues and friends for a casual reception in our booth Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon.


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Customer Insights Platform: Power real-time decision making with analytics

Produce laser focused insights in a matter of minutes–not days–by combining PwC’s proven domain insight and analytic capabilities with best-of-breed big data technologies. Combine multiple big data technologies with PwC’s tried-and-tested data models, analytic services, and pre-packaged visualizations to create enterprise-ready solutions that can be deployed quickly.


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Predictive Maintenance Platform: Making the aspirational achievable

Predicting future failures in assets and ultimately prescribing the most effective preventive measure is critical to the success of businesses powered by physical assets. Our solution applies advanced analytic techniques on big data about technical condition, usage, environment, maintenance history, similar equipment elsewhere and many other factors that correlate with the performance of an asset.


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The next step for Telecom: Evolving to compete in the Digital Age

It is now absolutely critical for all telecom operators to become digital: to put customers and the digital experiences, products, and services they demand at the center of the operator’s strategic thinking, business design, and operating model. PwC will be showcasing a number of major transformational experiences including how operators can transform their core BSS and OSS, rapidly create new digital services and exploit platform technologies to simplify operations.



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Digital Intelligence Platform: From data to insights

To thrive in a complex business environment, leaders have to make quick decisions. If data availability was yesterday's challenge, today they’re confronted with data flooding from different sources that needs to be analysed in real-time.

Our Digital Intelligence service is a client-centric solution empowering you to listen on the go to your brand, competitors, industry trends and topics that impact your business. It uses robust analytics expertise and innovative technologies to provide real-time customised dashboards, enabling faster data-driven business decisions.



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Virtual Assistant for the Enterprise

Enhance employee experiences and productivity with an AI assistant

Come have a chat with Benji, PwC’s newest intern. Benji is always learning but he already knows how to do a lot. See how Benji can help augment your workforce’s skills by enabling advanced workflows, automation, key functions and more. Benji can communicate using any device type, from desktop to mobile to tablet to smart speaker. We will also demo some key use cases including AI enabled service ticketing, translation and workforce enablement. 


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Next Generation Employee Onboarding

Truly personalized, employee focused onboarding of new hires

Check out PwC’s new employee onboarding solution, built to make use of new social collaboration platforms such as Workplace by Facebook. PwC’s solution enables faster socialization and employee integration to increase productivity and morale. It integrates easily with your existing HR technology systems and is fully mobile enabled to deliver a true, next generation employee experience.


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