Building sustainable, inclusive transportation systems: A framework for the future

Transport systems need to be designed to be efficient, safe, sustainable and inclusive

This report provides a new framework for planners, policy-makers, and investors. A call for advanced 21st-century networks of roads, airports, shipping facilities, train routes, and public transportation is resounding in cities, small communities, and rural areas alike. We must embrace new methods and new technologies if we are to build and operate transport systems that deliver these goals.

Challenges in transport planning

As transportation planners in both developing and developed nations grapple with the consequences of growth and new technologies, they must take into account a wide range of new and emerging issues.

In response, this report encourages greater collaboration between public and private sectors across areas such as risk sharing to accelerate innovation and development, operation and maintenance funding throughout life-cycle of a project. New techniques such as machine learning must be unleashed to radically enhance the quality of route, network and infrastructure planning and provide advice to users as they travel. 

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