Transportation & logistics issues: People

Lack of talent is going to become a crucial challenge to the rail and public transport sector in particular, and the whole transportation and logistics industry in general. As numerous populations of the world are ageing, the available workforce is ageing along with it.

In consequence of this increasing lack of talent there will be a battle for young and skilled workers. However, the transportation industry is not as attractive as other sectors to young workers, as the PwC study Transportation and Logistics 2030 – Volume 5: Winning the talent race reveals. The wages are comparatively low, the progress in careers is slow and the working conditions are not very attractive. Ideas to motivate and attract younger workers for an employment – especially in the rail sector - will be needed.

Our HR experts support you with the operative and strategic human resource planning. We advise you with your company’s pension scheme or assist you with developing a new business model for your HR department. At home around the world: If you found a suitable employee for a secondment in Hong Kong, Sao Paulo or Lagos we would handle the contractual and organisational details for you. In doing so, we work closely together with our PwC associations in more than 160 countries, to advise you with the country specific regulations in tax and social insurance law, as well as with the labour right and the right of residence. Our services and solutions regarding your HR issues cover:

  • Managing Talent
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  • Supporting with projects of change management, communication, schooling and training as well as knowledge management
  • Development of sourcing strategies for HR functions, supervision of HR outsourcing