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Terrestrial channels continue to dominate TV advertising despite multichannel growth

Terrestrial TV advertising continues to dominate. However, the ongoing global growth of pay-TV penetration and online TV advertising is slowly eating into its dominance – with emerging markets becoming digitised and audiences starting to fragment, driven by growing smartphone and tablet penetration. Terrestrial TV advertising revenue is expected to grow to US$128.1bn by 2021, still accounting for approximately two-thirds of the global total TV advertising revenue.

Strong growth in Asia Pacific will see it reduce North America's TV advertising lead

Economic growth in many emerging Asia Pacific markets is creating a new generation of consumers for advertisers to target. Companies continue to leverage new tools to advertise to these vast TV markets. Indonesia is one of them and is expected to grow at 10.4% CAGR by 2021, to become the fourth-largest TV advertising market in the world.


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