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Empowering women and creating leaders

PwC US & Mexico’s Women in Tech Inclusion Network is cultivating an environment where women in technology help contribute to driving PwC’s collective success and have equitable access to a career in technology.


Women in Tech Inclusion Network

Women are drastically underrepresented in the technology workforce. While women make up 48% of the US population and 51% of the population in Mexico, they account for only 26% of computer science/mathematics degrees in the US and just one out of eight technology workers in Mexico; this percentage drops into low single digits for Black or Hispanic/Latinx women, according to the US National Science Foundation.1

The firm recognised the opportunity to increase representation of women in the tech workforce, especially when it came to developing inclusive technologies for all. As such a three-part framework was put in place to attract top women technologists and support gender parity at PwC. It focuses on advancing every stage of the employee lifecycle: recruit, retain, progress. Stemming from this, the Women in Technology (WiT) Inclusion Network was created, firmly rooted in its mission of supporting tech equity in the US and Mexico firm and empowering women professionally and personally. The group’s commitment expands beyond the walls of PwC to also help drive lasting and positive change in the broader technology talent market.

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“The mission of Women in Tech at PwC is to cultivate an environment where all women play a significant role toward our collective success and have equitable access to a meaningful career.”

Mitra BestPrincipal, Technology Impact Leader, and WiT Partner Champion, PwC US & Mexico

WiT focuses on developing and delivering strategic programmes targeting PwC women-in-tech at key inflection points during their career life cycle. For example, the inclusion network’s programming supports career planning and mentoring through formal career champions. WiT also holds an annual Women in Tech Fest, a virtual, two-day internal conference to celebrate, upskill and empower PwC’s women in tech and allies. The highly anticipated event features fireside chats with external speakers, panels, workshops and technical discussions with PwC subject matter specialists and a special “Ask Me Anything” networking session with PwC women leaders. Over the past two years, the focus has also expanded to allyship. WiT Fest now includes interactive tracks for allies, where they learn from their peers and external thought leaders on how to take allyship from theory to action in their day-to-day life.


Woman in Technology Festival 2023


Externally, WiT is also boosting our women in tech’s personal brands. Through quarterly external “Tech Talks”, our women talk about their personal experiences with technology; the series attracts global live viewers. We are to WiT is also active at external conferences, where WiT members present on a variety of topics. WiT scales its impact via relationships with like-minded organisations and community involvement focused on helping youth discover and flourish in STEM. 

The Results

Following its launch, the WiT Inclusion Network has taken off at breath-taking speed; it has grown to an influential and engaged community of over 5,000 global women in tech and allies.  In 2022, Inc. magazine recognised the firm in its Best of Business category for having an extraordinary impact on STEM education and society.

As a result, WiT is setting the firm apart in the fiercely competitive market for women in tech talent.  It helps to reinforce PwC US & Mexico’s brand as a technology employer of choice for people of all genders and backgrounds who share our values. PwC’s presence under the WiT banner at universities, at conferences and through volunteering is helping contribute to an expanding pipeline of diverse candidates and opening new career pathways for racially/ethnically diverse communities. 

The message is clear. Through WiT, PwC US & Mexico is helping to build the next generation of a diverse and tech-skilled workforce.   

Participant testimonials

“This event inspires so many people to connect and reflect on why we do the work that we do. It really does bring people together.”

Women in Tech Fest attendee, PwC US & Mexico

“I loved all the topics in these sessions. Each one was different and my takeaway was to try and not feel afraid to explore my tech learnings.”

Women in Tech Fest attendee, PwC US & Mexico

“Knowing that this group exists to care and share, it gives me a sense of security while I find my place in this tech world as a woman.”

Women in Tech Fest attendee, PwC US & Mexico

The PwC US & Mexico Inclusion Networks are affinity groups, networking circles and employee resource groups led by our partners and professionals who share a common background or life experience. They are open to everyone—allies, learners, members and supporters—with the goal of helping to inspire and foster a work environment where our people feel comfortable being who they are and feel valued for their input.


1. [Accessed 27 February 2023]

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