Government economic response to COVID-19

Thank you for reading PwC’s Government economic response to COVID-19 updates. Since March 2020, these updates (originally daily and then less frequently) have been an important source of information from across Canada to help keep you informed of our federal and provincial/territorial governments’ economic responses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your readership – we hope that you have found the updates useful as you and your business navigated the pandemic. 


As federal and provincial/territorial government announcements relating to COVID-19 have reduced significantly (or are minimal), we have decided to discontinue the publication of these daily/weekly updates. Important updates that may arise in the future will be published as part of our Tax Insights periodic newsletter, which is available at

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While our updates may be ending, the federal and provincial/territorial governments continue to monitor, review and audit the pandemic relief programs. If your organization requires more information on or help with managing a tax or pandemic program audit (e.g. Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)): 

  • contact your PwC adviser or any of the individuals listed below
  • visit Tax Dispute Resolution for more information on how PwC can help you manage an audit

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