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Understand the trade implications of your business decisions with our integrated insight and global network

Competing effectively in international trade requires the knowledge and experience necessary to understand how customs and international trade rules can work to facilitate or to frustrate business decisions, such as:

  • Changes to the way you do business can increase the duties and taxes paid on imported goods, but, if managed properly, may also reduce those costs
  • Free trade agreements offer competitive opportunities but these may be lost or diminished if efficient, reliable management tools and processes are lacking
  • Governments are expanding requirements around supply chain security which will affect your relationships with carriers, suppliers and customers, which need to be understood and addressed so you do not yield advantages to better informed and more proactive competitors
  • Canadian companies participating in the international marketplace need to understand how the web of domestic and export controls – made more complex by Canada's close business relationship with the United States – can affect your ability to export (or even possess) a surprising range of good and technology

How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help

Our local Customs and International Trade Compliance professionals are part of a network of more than 350 specialists in more than 100 countries, giving Canadian companies access to the benefits of our relationships with customs officials in every significant trading nation. We have extensive experience with:

Contact a member of the Trade team to discuss the customs implications of your business decisions.

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