International Tax

Using global expertise to optimize your international taxes

Our International Tax professionals consider a firm's overall worldwide tax position with the aim of reducing the total tax burden across all jurisdictions.

We will identify tax optimization opportunities in your firm's worldwide corporate structure. You'll receive the attention of a team of professionals from around the world who draw on their experience, skills and market sector knowledge to advise you on the:

  • Selection of appropriate business and financial structures for foreign operations
  • Acquisition and financing of operations and investments abroad
  • Repatriation of funds and the taxation of foreign-source income
  • Impact of tax treaties, foreign tax holidays and exchange controls

Above all, we'll work with you to enhance your shareholder value through effective tax strategies for global tax optimization.

Inbound to Canada Tax Services

Our group of Inbound Tax professionals assists foreign-controlled corporations in setting up business in Canada, optimizing their foreign and Canadian taxes, developing strategies to repatriate Canadian earnings, complying with Canadian tax filings and other tax matters. Our Inbound Tax professionals work closely with member firms around the world to provide seamless worldwide service to foreign-based multinationals.

Outbound from Canada Tax Services

Our group of Canadian Outbound Tax professionals work with Canadian based multinationals to optimize their Canadian and foreign taxes, develop tax-efficient strategies to repatriate cash to Canada, and comply with Canadian tax filings. Our Outbound International Tax professionals work closely with member firms around the world to deliver seamless worldwide tax service to Canadian-based multinationals.

U.S. Tax

The Canadian firm includes a group of U.S. Corporate Tax professionals in Toronto delivering professional advice on U.S. federal, state and local taxes. Our U.S. Tax professionals provide compliance and planning services in Canada to Canadian firms, or their subsidiaries, conducting business in the U.S.


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