Five forces that will reshape the global landscape of anti-bribery and anti-corruption

Dealing with bribery and corruption risks requires action that goes beyond just developing an anti-corruption policy and having anti-corruption training. There is a growing recognition that organizations must have robust and proactive measures built into their policies, processes and internal controls in order to prevent bribery.

It’s estimated that more than US$1 trillion is paid in bribes globally each year and that US$2.6 trillion is lost to corruption. That alone represents 5% of global GDP—with the actual figure probably even higher.

The risks are real. As a result, our global Forensics team has launched a new white paper that discusses five themes we believe will shape the global anti-bribery and anti-corruption landscape over the next five years:

  • Enforcement will continue to evolve and spread geographically
  • Societal action will be more effective than toothless compliance regimes or unenforced regulation
  • Technology will enable automated and preventive compliance
  • As societies become increasingly cashless, facilitation payments will fall
  • Ethical and transparent businesses will become the new norm

In the Canadian marketplace, companies are increasingly encountering incidents of corruption as they become more global and expand their business footprint. We are seeing a rise in bribery and corruption cases in the mining, oil and gas, engineering, construction, real estate, financial services and pharmaceutical industries.

To see these trends, please read the report. 

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