Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking

Measuring and managing your IT outsourcing

To operate an effective organization, successful executives must balance IT costs with IT operational effectiveness, both of which can be delivered through benchmarking. Without knowing how your costs and services compare with the market and peer organizations, you are vulnerable to ad-hoc cost cutting or worse: "We can save you 20% if you ..."

How PwC can help

Comparative Analysis (Cost and Price Benchmarks) will help you:

  • Assess how your IT organization is performing
  • Determine if your costs are in line with industry averages, peers or leading-practice organizations
  • Determine if your outsourced services are competitive when compared to the same or similar services in the outsourcing market
  • Identify gaps in service levels
  • Prioritize investments and improve ROI
  • Provide the intelligence required to effectively negotiate outsourcing agreements, thus cutting costs
  • Maintain price- and service-level effectiveness by continually assessing the market competitiveness of sourcing agreements
  • Communicate tangible value of IT services to the business
  • Establish baselines for sourcing decisions and avoid lengthy outsourcing evaluations by quickly determining if outsourcing can yield cost savings or improve service levels

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