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Keeping track of your company and its finances is essential to your long-term success. Not only does it give you a clear sense of where your business is and where you are heading, but it also helps document your transactions and historical data for your own protection, as well as for your lenders and potential investors. However, it can be a daunting task.

We offer a range of services that can help you manage your company's financial functions including:



Financial Statement Assurance, Auditing and Review

You may know your numbers inside out, but that may not be enough for your stakeholders, potential investors or regulators who require independent assurance of your financial statements. We can advise your stakeholders on the historical earnings and financial position of your business. Our team can diagnose your business risks and give feedback on the effectiveness of your systems and controls, provide comfort to outside owners and/or directors, and issue reports for contractual compliance and other business needs.

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Balance Sheet Management

Is your business financially viable and functioning efficiently? We can develop financing strategies to help you achieve your growth expectations, find alternative solutions to finance working capital, manage your balance sheet, decrease your credit risk and develop equity-related strategies. We can also help balance your business needs with your own personal balance sheet and retirement needs, while advising you on financial steps that will take advantage of government assistance and tax incentives.

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Bookkeeping Services

It is crucial to the stability of your company that you stay on track, be compliant with tax filing regulations, monitor all transactions and keep an organized and reliable record of your business activities. We can help increase your accounting resources by taking on some of your back-office work, or providing you with qualified accounting contractors, improving the timeliness of your information management tasks and allowing you to focus on your core business.

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