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Cross Canadian, US and global borders with ease

Our immigration practice has over 20 years of experience specializing in Canadian, US and global immigration law. We are a member of the PwC's global immigration network, and one of the largest in-house immigration service providers in the world. We can support your immigration needs in any country, at any time.

How we can help

Work and entry authorizations

We’ll coordinate business visitor applications, entry visas, work permits, permanent residence and citizenship. We’ll make sure your assignees and business travellers have the appropriate immigration status documents.

Centralized program coordination

Our global reach means one point of contact for all your worldwide immigration matters and greater efficiencies in communication, results, billings and more. We’ll monitor and track immigration status documents and expiration status to make sure no employee falls out of status.

Audits and independent reviews

We can do a comprehensive review of your immigration program to identify areas of risk and advise on immigration compliance strategies and policies to make sure you’re immigration-audit ready.

Consular visa support

We provide comprehensive guidance and assistance with the preparation and submission of consular visa applications.

Immigration governance consultation

We can provide advice on immigration strategies in accordance with local immigration laws and regulations.

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Janet L. Bomza

Janet L. Bomza

Partner, National Practice Leader - Immigration, PwC Law LLP

Nadine Landry

Nadine Landry

Partner, Canadian Immigration, PwC Law LLP

Faron Cosco

Faron Cosco

Senior Associate Lawyer, PwC Law LLP

Tel: +1 604 806 7780 ext 4159

Anna Molberg

Manager, Attorney, PwC Law LLP

Tel: +1 604 806 7022

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