RFID integration

To achieve competitive advantage many transportation & logistics companies have the ambition to offer attractive value added services, while for the majority of traditional operators achieving and maintaining operational efficiency is still at least equally important.

In this context RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) supports the coordination of the physical flow of goods and related value added information services like tracking& tracing, condition monitoring, supply chain event management, or security related services. Further it improves operational efficiency for traditional logistics processes like transportation control and asset management.

PwC services and solutions include:

  1. Integration of RFID technology with PwC proprietary Visual QSM© software enabling postal operators to exploit its potential investments in this technology.
  2. Dynamic assignment of increased volumes of RFID tags in regions with poor performance, in order to enable postal operators to effectively understand and improve service performance in problematic regions.
  3. Verification of results through cross-checking panel information against RFID information.