Equipped for the future: Re-inventing your organisation

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Equipped for the future: Re-inventing your organisation

Most financial services businesses are organised and run for a marketplace that is fast disappearing. How can you make sure your business is equipped to compete?

Customer expectations are defined by the digital experience, brand value is determined by conversing on social media and customers are open to switching providers if they believe they can get something better elsewhere. A much more urgent and radical organisational change than many FS businesses are undertaking is likely to be needed to reflect these rapid shifts in the market.

This report deep dives into the forces driving change and proposes five main building blocks for the new organizational paradigm drawing on the insights of PwC’s sector experts.

Champion organisations will have clear insights into where in the complex new value chain they’re best able to compete. They will be using the latest developments in technology to enhance customer profiling, improve customer experience and reduce costs. Subsequently, this in turn will enable FS organisation to make decisions faster than their competitors, even if they occasionally get it wrong.

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