Navigating the rising tide of uncertainty

Key findings from Sri Lankan CEOs

PwC's 23rd global annual CEO Survey

23rd Annual Global CEO Survey

Find out what’s on the minds of 1,500+ CEOs from 83 territories in new global CEO Survey report launching on 20 January


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Explore the key themes of this year's findings

Uncertainty Undermines Outlook

61.2% of our territory leaders are extremely concerned about uncertain economic growth. And 30.6% of them are concerned about our organization’s prospects for revenue growth over the next 12 months.

Setting Up Guard Rails in Cyberspace

A majority of CEOs surveyed foresee increasing legislation around online content, data privacy and dominant tech platforms. 44.9% of our territory leaders are extremely concerned about Cyber threats. And 87.8% of leaders are concerned about speed of technological changes.

To Upskill or Not to Upskill, No Longer the Question

Increasing automation, changes in demographics and regulation will make it much harder for organizations to attract and retain the skilled talent they need to keep pace with the speed of technological change.32.7% of our leaders believe that upskilling programs are effective in reducing skills gaps. And 44.9% of our territory leaders believe that upskilling programs in achieving higher workforce productivity is very effective.

Climate Change: An Opportunity Cloaked in Crisis

Compared to ten years ago, CEOs are far more likely to see the benefits of going ‘green’ such as reputational advantage, new product and service opportunities, and government or financial incentives. Regionally, there are some expected findings and a few concerning ones. 44.9% of our territory leaders are extremely concerned about climate changes and environmental damage.

"Business, societal, and government leaders must engage with a wide group of stakeholders and act with an inclusive and expansive view of longer-term interests in mind as opposed to short-term benefit for a narrower group of stakeholders."

Bob MoritzGlobal Chairman, PwC

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