Increasing by 53%, long-distance railway customers reach 19 million

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Investor Daily - Naik 53%, pelanggan KA jarak jauh capai 19 juta 

21 July 2023


Jakarta - PT Kereta Api Indonesia/KAI (Persero) recorded that the volume of long-distance railway customers in the first half of 2023 reached 19 million passengers, which increased by 53% compared to the first half of 2022. This increase is sustained by the relaxation of the Covid-19 pandemic and travel requirements in early 2023.

“KAI’s passenger transportation performance in the first half of 2023 significantly recovered. The positive trend shows that the people’s mobility and their enthusiasm about railway transportation are increasing,” KAI Public Relations Vice President Joni Martinus said in his official statement in Jakarta on Thursday (20/7/2023).

KAI logged that, in the first half of 2023, the railway travel chart (Gapeka) was updated on 1 June 2023. With the Gapeka update, railway travel time will be shorter and several railway departure schedules will change.

“For example, the railway that has its travel time cut is Mutiara Selatan Train that serves the Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung route. Its travel time became 72 minutes shorter from 12 hours and 15 minutes to 11 hours and 3 minutes. Bima Train that serves the Gambir-Surabaya Gubeng route also had its travel time cut by 61 minutes from 11 hours and 31 minutes to 10 hours and 30 minutes,” Joni said.

On 1 June 2023, KAI added five new trains, namely Pandalungan Train that serves the Gambir-Jember route (round trip), Argo Semeru Train that serves the Gambur-Surabaya Gubeng route (round trip), Argo Merbabu Train that serves the Gambir0Semarang Tawang Bank Jateng route (round trip), Manahan Train that serves the Gambir-Solo Balapan route (round trip), and Banyubiru Train that serves the Semarang Tawang Bank Jateng-Solo Balapan route (route).

Besides that, to increase the people’s enthusiasm about using railways, KAI is also routinely offering railway ticket promotions and attractive prizes. Promotions in the first half of 2023 included the new year deals promotion, the 20% discount in April and May, the 25% discount in June, and KAI Access Ramadhan Festive 2023 for Eid transportation.

Furthermore, Joni said that, besides offering affordable tickets with promotions during the period, KAI also provided opportunities for customers to win free railway tickets, free stays at hotels, and free Umrah trips. The programmes were disseminated through the media and KAI’s social media.

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