Transformative Leadership

Mastermind the right leadership for your changing business

A strategy for the evolution of leadership

There’s a gap between leadership skills today and what’s needed for tomorrow.

Leaders today need to be prepared to meet the ongoing challenges and demands of the future – and to deal with transformation at a rate never witnessed before. They face a series of interconnected challenges that are far-reaching, complex, and essential to get right. The global pandemic. Rapid digitisation. Supply chain disruptions. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Upskilling and engaging employees. Geopolitical tensions. No matter the challenge, the path to finding a solution depends on the right leadership.

At PwC, we help leadership teams develop the understanding, skills, and capabilities they need to successfully lead through transformation. Looking at problems from new angles. Applying innovative mindsets and the latest technologies. Working as a community of solvers to uncover unexpected solutions that deliver sustained outcomes and build trust.

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Six paradoxes of leadership podcast

In today's digital, complex and uncertain world, leaders need new skills and characteristics that require the ability to possess seemingly opposite capabilities to succeed.

Global Centre for Transformative Leadership

PwC’s Centre for Transformative Leadership brings together a team of 500+ specialists across 48 territories to enable leaders across the world to drive and achieve organisational transformation, build trust and create sustained outcomes for their business. We work with clients to develop the actions, interventions and tools they need to respond to major shifts shaping the world.

Leveraging PwC’s futurists, experience with clients across the globe, thought leadership, insights and approaches from the network, our unique approach enables organisations to remain relevant and fit for the future.

Are you and your leadership teams ready to embrace change and inspire progress?

67% of organisations plan to increase their investments in leadership development over the next 3 years.

PwC’s 24th Global CEO survey

How we can help

At PwC, we work with organisations, individual leaders and leadership teams to help boost performance and enhance personal leadership capabilities. We’ll collaborate closely with you to help develop the strategies you need for your organisation.

Top team effectiveness

Are your senior leadership groups achieving their maximum effectiveness and team performance? Our four-step approach is designed to improve leadership team fundamentals, enhance capabilities for performance, apply the right teaming models, and connect people more deeply through an emotional commitment.

Leadership assessments and succession planning

Do you have the leadership capabilities you need to execute your business strategy? Our analysis of leaders’ skills and capabilities can help you determine future leadership potential and development, and build the right pipeline of talent for your organisation.

Leadership training and development

We work with organisations to define their core leadership model, supported by innovative tools and processes. After assessing your leadership team’s specific needs, we can work with you to design, develop, and deliver the tailored learning experiences you need.

Leading through transformation

Embracing and inspiring change requires an evolution in personal leadership style and how to work with colleagues. Individuals need to understand why they are being asked to transform and change; they need their leaders to provide meaning and purpose. We can help you successfully create the leadership your organisation needs to successfully transform.

Leaders Solving for Tomorrow

Today’s leaders need one eye on the future. The ‘Leaders solving for tomorrow’ executive programme brings leaders from diverse organisations together with PwC’s Leadership Strategists and a diverse range of thinkers to make sense of the profound changes that are shaping the world today. Executives emerge with a renewed sense of their mission – and of themselves as leaders.

Six paradoxes of leadership

Leaders and teams around the world are facing six important paradoxes. Learning to navigate these paradoxes is critical.

How do you navigate a world that is increasingly both global and local?

How do you navigate the politics of getting things to happen and retain your character?

How do you have the confidence to act in an uncertain world and the humility to recognise when you are wrong?

How do you execute effectively while also being highly strategic?

How do you become increasingly tech savvy and remember that organisations are run by people, for people?

How do you use the past to help direct your future success?

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