Transformative Leadership

Unlock leadership capabilities to deliver on your organisation’s transformation

We live in a time of unprecedented global challenges that are fundamentally changing the landscape in which organisations operate, and that mandate a fundamental change of how they do business to remain economically viable and successful.

This is underpinned by the fact that nearly half of CEOs who were surveyed in PwC’s 27th CEO Survey don’t think they will viable in the next ten years if they don’t reinvent themselves. more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist since the year 2000*. Institutions at large also face significant challenges affecting the public confidence in their effectiveness. In a world characterised by a multitude of interconnected crises and longer-term Megatrends that are reshaping our world, organisations and institutions need to reinvent their business models in order to survive and thrive in the new world.

These challenges mandate a new way of doing business and imply the need to transform, to secure organisational existence in light of short-term crises and to future-proof organisations in the intermediate and long-term. This is the moment to pivot towards creating solutions that help shift towards a more sustainable future. Because in this rapidly evolving world, transformation is not just an option—it’s the only way to establish your place in the future of business.

Your leaders must be at the heart of successful transformation – are they ready?

In many cases leaders have got to where they are because they are excellent at delivering value and executing strategies. But now they are faced with unprecedented ambiguity and the need to lead multiple transformations towards an unknown future. Solutions require new perspectives on short-term crises and longer-term Megatrends and will depend on new business ecosystem strategies. 

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The five differentiators of Transformative Leadership

We believe there are five differentiators with underlying skills and capabilities that leaders need to embrace in order to future proof their organisation in a novel world.

Transformation starts with leaders who understand the scale and nature of transformation that is needed and have the capabilities to lead through it. 

Leaders who are willing to step up and lead. At all levels across the organisation.

We believe that five leadership differentiators will enable executives to reinvent their organisation as climate change, technological disruption, and other megatrends reshape business and society.

Make sense of the world by linking short-term developments to longer-term Megatrends, understanding the implications for one's own industry and organisation, as a basis for reimagining how the organisation is going to create value in this complex system.

Set radical ambition, committing to help address a significant problem and compelling the organisation to undergo fundamental transformation to achieve this.

Achieve the promised outcomes, getting personally involved in reconfiguring the system to enable the organisation to go beyond what it knows how to do and fulfil its ambition.

Act as a catalyst, attracting and bringing together the very different capabilities and talent needed to solve the problem they set out to address.

Power the engines so they and their teams remain energised, grow, and develop throughout the transformation.

When practiced consistently, the five differentiators underpin a capability for leading ongoing transformation—that is, a capacity to continually reimagine what an organisation does and how it does things within the context of a world in flux.

PwC’s Global Centre for Transformative Leadership

Successful transformation depends on a multitude of factors, many of which relate to leadership across various levels of the organisation, ranging from C-Suite to front line management. We have a unique point of view on what it takes for leaders to take their organisations through transformation.

We offer customised assessments, learning programs, and coaching to help leaders develop the skills needed to guide their organisations through change, reinvent their business, and create lasting value for both the present and the future.

“We see these leadership differentiators as relevant to anyone with the desire and intention to drive at-scale change, from the C-suite to frontline leaders, those with formal leadership authority and those without—in short, anyone who can contribute to addressing a significant organisational imperative for change.”

Peter Brown, Global Workforce Leader, partner, PwC UK

Leading through transformation - How we can help

We support individual leaders and leadership teams to help develop transformative leadership strategies to future proof their organisation. 

We do this by creating meaningful experiences, combining our industry knowledge, organisational and work psychology expertise and years of experiences within a diverse group of leadership development practitioners.

Our service offering to support leaders in developing their transformative leadership capabilities and to execute transformation strategies effectively includes:

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