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Financial restatements, coupled with increased regulatory scrutiny of tax accounts and related tax disclosures, have elevated the focus on tax accounting — and exposed significant problems in many companies.

Keeping track of tax law changes around the world has become a growing challenge for multinationals, many of whom are rapidly expanding their geographic footprint at a time when jurisdictional tax laws are undergoing nearly constant change. Naturally, changes in tax law have an impact on tax planning, as well as tax return preparation and, ultimately, tax cash flows. Those consequences, however, are often preceded by the impact of such changes on company financial reporting.

Meanwhile, the emergence of international shared services and GAAP convergence is putting additional strain on an already resource-constrained tax function. We can help bring greater confidence in your tax reporting, meaning fewer quarter-end and year-end surprises.

We can work with you to:

  • Reduce risk and achieve better control over your tax accounting function through improved and more efficient processes. Our team of dedicated technical specialists around the globe provide guidance, and best practices, on a range of tax accounting issues, including:
  • Tax provision outsourcing and support
  • Accounting for uncertain tax positions (including FIN 48) assessments
  • GAAP conversion modelling to determine the tax and accounting impact of moving to a different GAAP
  • Other specialised tax accounting services, including deferred tax analyses and tax basis balance sheet assistance
  • Tax accounting technical assistance and support, including customised training

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