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Gaining and ensuring stakeholder trust remains a strategic objective for organisations and transparency is a natural enabler in this goal. Reporting on non-financial matters is increasingly advocated, even mandated in some countries - by policy makers, capital markets regulators, industry bodies or through various standard setters. PwC, as a report preparer and assurer, works with global and local clients on GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting, which is one way organisations may choose to communicate and report their non-financial impact and activities to stakeholders.

Starting from January 2016, organisations publishing GRI reports should follow GRI's G4 Guidelines released in 2013. PwC, in addition to holding global and local relationships with GRI, has invested in its enhanced service delivery capabilities for GRI-related services. PwC has developed its own methodology to advise clients on the global GRI G4 Framework - it is the result of a global collaboration and has been designed to support the myriad of organisational activities aimed at increasing transparency with stakeholders. The development of PwC's methodology to help clients use the GRI Framework brought together GRI expert knowledge and industry expertise with the years of experience we’ve gained from providing these services.

Not all reporting needs are the same, as highlighted by the increased focus on materiality in G4, and PwC works with our clients to understand their needs and aspirations. PwC’s GRI G4 Framework is scalable to our clients needs and our experts have the knowledge and experience to deliver any part of the Framework as well as end-to-end solutions. Knowledge sharing underpins this Framework and the global network collaborates virtually in real-time, thus ensuring the quality and consistency of our client service.

PwC is working with GRI and UNGC to help shape the future of reporting for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Business involvement in achieving the SDGs is critical, and this initiative will provide guidance to enable tracking and reporting of business contributions towards the SDGs.

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