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What is PwC New Ventures?

PwC New Ventures is an internal software as a service (SaaS) incubator. In collaboration with the world’s leading technologies and companies, the PwC New Ventures team builds forward-thinking software solutions that integrate into existing systems to unlock business value in real time.

Each New Ventures designer, engineer, strategist and data scientist enables our products to be created and supported by countless hours of idea vetting, technology validation, and ongoing optimisation. Only the tools that answer today’s business needs are built, licensed, and scaled.

Helping you build your tomorrow

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the worldwide economy, businesses are operating in an unpredictable and challenging environment. As you navigate through these difficult times, PwC can provide technology to help you see deeper into your business, act faster and stay agile. This technology combined with our experience and vision can help you overcome the challenges of today, and connect to the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Cashflow Coach
Connected Shield
Terrain Insights
Cashflow Coach

Cashflow Coach

PwC Firm: New Zealand

Get a glimpse of your financial future with a six week cashflow prediction.

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Connected Shield

Connected Shield

PwC Firm: Hong Kong

Improving endpoint protection against cybercrime - across IT and the business

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Terrain Insights

Terrain Insights

PwC Firm: United States

Minimize the business impact of disruption

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"Next Hub gives vital information about the performance of your business in seconds that anyone can understand."

Steve ThompsonThompson Earthworks Ltd.

Innovation is in our DNA

The PwC Global Innovation Challenge showcases our concepts and ideas that are proven to be commercially viable and of client value. The entire Challenge process is operated like a startup venture: fast, nimble and focused!


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Vicki Huff Eckert

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