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We offer advisory services to lenders, creditors, companies and individuals in troubled financial situations to help you identify problems, gain cooperation, develop solutions and implement them with ease and precision. Our global network allows us to rapidly deploy cross-border services to you wherever you are.

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PwC helps its clients with:


Are you facing financial distress or insolvency? We can help if action is taken early enough. We’ll deploy a team of specialists to deal with any business, from owner-managed enterprises, to large multinationals.

Potential corporate insolvency issues you may be facing:

  • As a director of a distressed business, you have a legal responsibility to ensure the company is not trading in-solvently. Getting early advice can help you clarify your current position and options
  • As a lender or financial stakeholder you must manage your exposure to losses, which may involve some form of insolvency procedure
  • As an adviser to a distressed business, you want to ensure directors or stakeholders are given clear insolvency advice on available options.

How we can help:

  • It may be possible to rescue the company/business if action is taken early enough
  • Recovery of value for financial stakeholders in the business.

Our corporate insolvency services include:

  • Administrations
  • Company voluntary arrangements (CVAs)
  • Administrative receiverships
  • Compulsory liquidations and creditors' voluntary liquidations (CVLs)
  • Support in other formal and informal insolvency proceedings.

Personal insolvency issues:

We can also help creditors and individuals with innovative and practical solutions. Whether acting as a Trustee in Bankruptcy or developing an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, our sensitive approach, specialist experience and leading-edge methods allow creditors to maximise recoveries while helping individuals avoid a potentially disastrous slide into bankruptcy.


Operational restructuring
If your organisation is undergoing severe financial underperformance, any solution is likely to involve operational restructuring. We deliver restructuring solutions for swift recovery and sustained future success.

We’ll thoroughly assess all revitalisation options; develop a plan of action in partnership with management, creditors and other stakeholders; and mobilise the resources required for effective implementation.

We work alongside management to develop realistic, pragmatic plans using a project office approach to centralise turnaround programmes and focus the organisation's resources towards delivery.

Potential issues you may be facing:

  • Squeeze on working capital
  • Unexpected collapse of profitability
  • Unsustainable running costs
  • Forecast covenant breach of loan agreement
  • Growing levels of involvement from external stakeholders, with increasingly demanding requests for information on recovery plans
  • The need to develop and implement a turnaround plan to maintain stakeholder support and company viability
  • Having to manage a significant programme of change /improvement while running the day-to-day business

How we can help:

  • Perform short term cash flow review
  • Identify "quick wins" in working capital improvement
  • Access interim managers with relevant experience of similar situations
  • Develop restructuring plans
  • Support external stakeholder negotiations
  • Implement high impact project management office solution to support the delivery of turnaround plans

Restructuring a stressed situation requires skills that are not always readily available within most organisations. Our team has significant experience and access to industry specialists so we can tailor solutions to your individual circumstances and needs.

Financial restructuring

For companies, their lenders, shareholders or other stakeholders in businesses facing financial under-performance or crisis, we deliver restructuring solutions for recovery and tailor solutions for your individual needs.

Potential issues you may be facing as a company director, lender or other financial stakeholder:

  • Cash pressure or liquidity shortfall
  • Actual or potential breach of covenant
  • Pensions deficit
  • Credit ratings downgrade
  • Over leveraged
  • Debt trading at "distressed" levels

How we can help:

  • Recovery from crisis
  • Preserve the business, and/or management retaining control
  • For lender/creditor, maximise/realise value
  • Better understanding of the business’ financial/commercial position, its prospective viability, and range of restructuring options available
  • Solutions developed in partnership with creditors and debtors where objectives may diverge and there are severe pressures on relationships between company and stakeholder
  • Bring together our expertise in complex cross-border restructurings based on detailed local knowledge
  • Draw on our extensive industry experience to provide an unrivalled combination of restructuring and industry expertise

Debt & Capital Advisory

Our Debt & Capital Advisory group works with companies and their sponsors throughout the credit spectrum across the full range of debt markets including banking, capital markets, asset-based lending, securitisation and project debt. If you need to raise debt finance, refinance, or obtain waivers and amendments to existing finance arrangements, we can help.

We also offer comprehensive, integrated and unbiased advice on related tax, legal and regulatory issues.

Contact us if your business is:

  • Making an acquisition requiring debt finance
  • Refinancing existing facilities
  • In need of additional funding for business strategy /operations
  • Considering entry into a new financing market
  • Experiencing credit rating downgrade
  • Experiencing a period of instability, where covenants or debt service are at risk and renegotiations with current financial stakeholders are necessary

How we can help:

We work in close partnership with senior management and the Board from an early stage to develop a comprehensive set of potential financing solutions. We then work with you to assess each option and assist senior management to implement the preferred solution.

We offer strategic advice on:

  • Conducting competitive tenders for financing solutions, including negotiation of terms sheets and financing documentation, for both debt and equity
  • Negotiating amendments to existing financing terms, including covenant amendments and waivers, and debt rescheduling
  • Negotiating restructurings, including debt for equity swaps
  • Managing the rating agency process
  • Managing stakeholder relationships

Corporate simplification

If you need to reduce your operating costs and achieve a simplified, more transparent corporate structure by dissolving inactive companies that have fulfilled their economic purpose, we can help you do this.

Our specialists provide initial advice on:

  • different methods of dissolution
  • associated risks to the directors and the group
  • how best to plan for this type of project
  • how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Increasingly, clients instruct us to restrict our initial involvement to a preliminary review of the target companies to help management select the most appropriate method of dissolution. We tailor our involvement to match your specific needs and resources.

Potential issues you may face:

  • Holding costs, typically between £3,000 to £5,000, are spent each year by management dealing with each dormant or redundant entity
  • Senior management time is wasted dealing with corporate governance requirements of inactive entities instead of live business issues
  • A large number of empty companies are present as part of the corporate structure, with no apparent purpose which can raise concerns amongst stakeholders and regulators
  • Recent mergers and acquisitions activity has led to restructuring and the presence of dormant companies
  • Corporate structure needs to be simplified to release capital tied up in the business.

How we can help:

  • Eliminate recurring and wasted corporate governance expenditure
  • Reduce risk of perceived corporate governance failures
  • Free up senior management time spent dealing with corporate governance issues
  • Recover costs typically within 12 - 15 months where multiples of companies are being eliminated simultaneously.

Our technical excellence and proven project management methodology will allow a smooth process for your organisation through to conclusion.

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