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Driving results with PwC and SAP

SAP’s technology, whether it’s SAP Finance, S/4HANA, cloud ERP or their many other offerings, can streamline your company’s processes and redefine efficiency. With years of experience implementing SAP’s products and co-innovating on new ways to use their technologies, PwC can enable their solutions to meet your business outcomes. Thanks to our deep industry know-how and comprehensive consulting capabilities, PwC can deliver the right SAP applications, products and technologies to your organisation.


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PwC integrated solutions powered by SAP

Analytics transformation

Companies are collecting more data than ever before, but many don’t know what to do with all that information. PwC can help. With years of experience managing enterprise data and implementing information-gathering tools, such as SAP’s S/4HANA, PwC can develop a data program that meets your business needs.

Business transformation

Most companies are digital these days – and the ones that haven’t yet embraced the cloud, social media and mobility should soon. PwC has worked on numerous technological transformations. With SAP’s robust suite of solutions, PwC can bring a digital mindset across your organisation.

Cloud transformation

Is it time to take your company into the cloud? Cloud-based technology is often nimbler, more intuitive and easier for staff to navigate than the cumbersome legacy systems so many businesses still employ. With SAP’s cloud-based offerings, such as its S/4HANA Cloud platform, PwC can help drive better outcomes for your business.

Digital transformation

Machine learning, blockchain, Internet of Things and analytics – these are just some of the digital tools companies may need to succeed going forward. With PwC’s extensive sector knowledge and its experience implementing innovative technologies, such as SAP Leonardo, we can help bring your business into a more tech-filled future.

Finance transformation

Digital transformation is for most employees, including chief financial officers (CFOs) who need to keep track of large amounts of sensitive data. Using SAP’s S/4HANA, among other cloud-based solutions, PwC can help improve the real-time delivery of finance services, improve business performance monitoring, help CFOs better execute on company strategy and more.

HR transformation

People are at the heart of many successful companies. Technology, though, can help motivate staff, identify top talent, and reward employees. PwC uses SAP SuccessFactors to deliver effective human capital management. We can develop custom solutions to facilitate that all your talent needs are met across your company.

Procurement transformation

The more efficient your procurement process, the more money you can save and the faster you can create and deliver your goods. PwC uses SAP Ariba, a cloud-based solution that helps standardise outsourcing and contract management processes while delivering crucial procurement insights. This powerful combination can help you generate more savings and run a more efficient operation.

Risk and regulatory transformation

Once you've implemented game-changing technological solutions, you need to focus on getting the most out of your investment. Because PwC has been working with SAP for so long, we can get your technology to reach its potential. Our risk and regulatory compliance team can help you identify any segregation of duty conflicts, look at how to balance the inconvenience of access controls and productivity, monitor who gets access to confidential information and more.

Connected supply chain

Thanks to some major technological advances, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data, companies can squeeze much more out of their supply chains than ever before. However, managing these increasingly complicated networks can be a challenge. PwC can help companies implement SAP’s many supply chain solutions, which can help you realise savings and bring more products to market.

"PwC's program management expertise was instrumental to making sure that we not only got the job done, but got it done with exceptional speed."

Sean ConnollyConagra Brands CEO

Case studies

PwC has worked with companies around the world on their SAP implementations. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped.

Maverick NextGen Energies Inc: PwC and Shell are collaborating to create a model for the SAP Cloudenabled energy company of the future

Region: UK

Across the world, energy companies are facing disruption from a changing energy mix and rapid advances in technology. These irresistible forces mean they need to transition into a new and different kind of company, while continuing to generate profits and returns for investors.


Case study: Bringing compliance and efficiency into harmony

Region: Switzerland

Harmonising complex structures with SAP at AMAG


Case study: Tailor-made IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

Region: Switzerland

Introduction of a tailor-made global trade and customs IT solution


Conagra: A strategic overhaul 

Region: United States

A complete company transformation




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