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We live in a world where everything seems to be going digital, if it’s not already. The way we live, communicate, work and create – it can all happen online and in the cloud. That’s why companies shouldn’t wait to transform themselves into more digital operations. PwC and Microsoft can help. The two companies have a relationship that goes back years and, together, we can help companies meet all their technology and business objectives.

PwC’s award-winning work with Microsoft

PwC’s Alliance partnership with Microsoft has received numerous accolades from analysts and organisations around the world.

PwC Spain has received a special award from Microsoft for the best IP based solution of the year for developing PowerBrain

PowerBrain is a modular cloud platform built to deliver big data analytics as a service. PowerBrain has been developed by Javier Barguñó Casanova, Big Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Spain, and his team with the objective to enable services linked to value, not to hours.

Peter Harries

Partner, Global Microsoft Alliance Leader, PwC US


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Using AI to better manage the environment could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, boost global GDP by up to US $5 trillion and create up to 38m jobs by 2030

PwC UK research estimates the economic and emissions impact of AI adoption for environmental purposes in agriculture, water, energy and transport.

PwC: Seizing cloud security in a cyberthreat world

Cyberthreats are intensifying. For many businesses, the cloud has become a security imperative when it comes to locking down data and blocking breaches.


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PwC and Microsoft help clients solve important challenges

"Working together, PwC and Microsoft help clients understand how to take their digital transformations to the next level, using technology to create better experiences for employees, customers, and stakeholders."

Peter Harries, Partner, Global Microsoft Alliance Leader, PwC US