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PwC’s Media Intelligence: Unlock Value from your Media Spend

July 21, 2021

Media Intelligence, a PwC product, is a marketing data analytics solution that enables brands to gain powerful visibility into their traditional and digital media campaigns and optimise for efficiency and effectiveness. By ingesting and analysing all media transactions, clients can track ad performance across brands, markets, channels and partners, and measure the financial impact of media flagged for fraud, viewability and brand safety. Media intelligence gives digital marketers the data they need to take control of their media investments and unlock greater value from their media spend

A layered advertising ecosystem coupled with a rapidly evolving data privacy landscape presents a real challenge for digital marketers looking to effectively target consumers and optimise their media ROI. “This is where data transparency can be a game-changer for digital marketers,” explains Derek Baker, PwC’s CMO Advisory Leader. “Being able to cut through the noise and trace your ad spend through the digital ecosystem is critical to building effective marketing campaigns, future-proofing your marketing efforts, and driving value.”

In a recent IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by PwC, titled Digital Advertising Analytics: Unlocking the True Value of Media Investments (July 2021, #US48030121), IDC analysts explore the challenges present in the current digital advertising supply chain. The report concluded that advertising analytics are more important than ever for brands attempting to keep up in the current digital landscape. “The increasing volume of data that needs to be assessed, and the rapid, ongoing fragmentation of the media ecosystem make manual analysis of those data impossible.” IDC showcased Media Intelligence noting that the product “reduces the complexity of digital advertising” and “enables marketers to react faster to campaign dynamics and identify areas of waste and fraud, improving campaign efficiency and effectiveness.”

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