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Supply Chain Opportunity and Optimisation Platform (SCOOP)

Are you looking at your supply chain as a source of competitive advantage?

What is SCOOP?

Supply Chain Opportunity and Optimisation Platform (SCOOP) is PwC’s supply chain analytics platform which provides rapid insight into supply chain performance. Using advanced analytics – including machine learning, simulation and optimisation – it addresses your complex supply chain challenges and helps identify quick wins using your data 

SCOOP helps clients answer questions around

  • How do I gain rapid visibility of my Supply Chain performance? 
  • How do I identify and quantify hard to find benefits?
  • What does my optimal supply chain look like?                              
  • How can I manage my supply chain in real time?

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Build Data and Analytics capabilities in your organisation

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SCOOP accelerates how our clients can access and build capability in advanced supply chain analytics

1. Sustainable data handling - Rapid big data processing into a sustainable targeted data model.

2. Rapid deployment - Configure and deploy reusable advanced supply chain analytics in weeks, not years.

3. Self funding - Identify hard to find cost saving opportunities to enhance your supply chain using advanced analytics. Use the identified opportunities along with benchmarking to fund capability development.

4. Packaged global PwC expertise - Capturing and packaging PwC's global delivery expertise in supply chain analytics to accelerate knowledge transfer.

5. Insight visualisation - Explore configurable dashboards that provide deep insight into supply chain performance.

6. Command centres - Immersive and high impact visualisation of outputs help to identify and communicate potential issues, risks and opportunities in a compelling way.

SCOOP platforms



SCOOP is built on 3 analytics platforms processing enterprise and digital data.

Diagnostic platform

Apps to enable the rapid extraction and transformation of disparate data, then use of advanced analytics to create insight into the performance and opportunities in a supply chain.

Transformation platform

Apps that provide detailed optimisation recommendations to support transformational supply chain programmes and strategic decision support.

Real-time platform

Real-time supply chain apps that clients can use in their operations to identify issues and opportunities as they happen.

What our clients are saying

"Using SCOOP I got fact-based analysis, which has quickly given me information that I can trust."

Chief Operating Officer 

Global Cosmetics Manufacturer

Problem: Our client wanted to diagnose current warehouse operations and identify opportunities to free up their working capital.

Solution: We deployed two of the SCOOP apps to extract a large amount of transactional data from the client’s SAP system and conducted a thorough analysis to understand their sales patterns and optimise their inventory levels.

Impact:  A total of over £10m inventory saving opportunity was identified and validated. This resulted in the equivalent of over 300k cases of inventory approx. 10% of existing inventory space.

UK Non-Food Retailer


Problem: Our client lacked the analytics capability to bring big data sets together. They were also facing  pressure to free up more working capital and improve inventory performance. We were asked to create a customised app as an ongoing (weekly) operational tool.

Solution: We deployed SCOOP  in two phases; first as a diagnostic tool, then, as an operational opportunity identification and harvesting tool. We used two SCOOP apps (Inventory and Cost to Serve) to identify working capital saving opportunities and the associated levers. We customised existing SCOOP apps to answer our client's specific questions around operational working capital reduction and hosted this custom-created SCOOP app on our cloud platform for the client as an ongoing managed service.

Impact: 29.6% stock reduction opportunity was identified by SCOOP.

Global Hospitality Chain


Problem: Our client wanted to simulate future state supply chain networks
to establish the most cost efficient strategy.

Solution: We built end-to-end baseline enabling the client to trace their supply network right from sourcing all the way to customer markets. We helped them to optimise their delivery routes, by comparing across networks to understand the best future options.

Impact: The outcome has helped our client tender for a new third party logistics provider and capitalise on the £12m distribution cost savings that were identified by the analysis.

“Now we know what are the most important areas for us to improve… turning our slow moving FMCG into actual FMCG!”

Service Delivery Manager

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